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    Squash Freezing Question

    According to the National Center For Home Food Preservation, this is the best way to freeze summer squashes... Summer Squash (Cocozelle, Crookneck, Pattypan, Straightneck, White Scallop, Zucchini) Preparation Choose young squash with tender skin. Wash and cut in 1/2-inch slices. Water blanch...
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    I made a mess of composting

    You could feed the maggots to your flock.
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    Common Purslane

    Purslane indicates your soil is fertile, for what it is worth. It is also called pigweed or hogweed. Purslane is the richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids of any green, leafy vegetable. Interestingly, purslane contains the EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) form of Omega-3, which is rare for a plant...
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    I Signed Up for a Canning Class!

    Check your county extension office. The classes are offered here, but you wouldn't know it unless you were looking at the office class schedule. ETA: your county extension office might have a website where classes are listed too.
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    ***Unusual CAKE Recipes!!***

    Caster sugar is usually called super fine or bar sugar in the states.
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    Asparagus Recipes

    Last night we had our first asparagus harvest for this year! We ate the first two spears straight from the garden. The rest I steamed for about 1.5 minutes - perfectly crunchy/tender. YUM!
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    What did you can (freeze, dehydrate, preserve) today?

    Last week I dehydrated mushrooms, orange peels, and red bell peppers. (not at the same time) Total added to the pantry is 1 pint of dried orange peels, 1 pint of dried mushrooms and 1 pint of dried red bell peppers.
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    Asparagus Recipes

    I posted this on ss also. It's getting to be that time of year here in NE Ohio. The asparagus bed has started showing new growth. Except for eating it raw, fresh from the garden, here are the two ways we love to eat asparagus. Sauted Garlic Asparagus 3 Tablespoons butter 1 bunch fresh...
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    Beekeeping Meeting tonight!

    Your beek club members will probably be your biggest asset. Some may have complete hives they want to sell off. They are also great for teaching you how to avoid some new beek problems. Last year one of our new beek club members purchased two complete hives (with queen and colony) for $50...
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    Ohio Here!

    Ashtabula County, NE Ohio
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    I want to plant now!

    I read on another board about a person that moved her tomatoes into the house for winter. She put the containers in a south facing window and grew tomatoes all winter long. Same as having a ficus in the living room, but it is edible.
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    I want to plant now!

    We have rosemary and small fruit bushes in pots when we lived in apartments. Take it with you if you leave. Or, if you are in a house, find out if the owner would deduct something off the rent for improvements. We did that with our first house, which we rented for a while.
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    Sounds like you found quite a patch of heaven there.... Congratulations!
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    Presents from the garden

    I'm not sure the basket is worth the move to NE Ohio! :lol: I look at this list now and think.... darn! I was busy!!
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    garden planning website

    That's pretty cool! Thanks!
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    Presents from the garden

    We always plant and can extra for gifts. The one year I didn't, everyone asked why not? :) This past holiday baskets included grape juice - concords from a neighbor's farm apple pie filling - variety of apples from a local farm canned peaches - peaches from a local Amish farm peach butter -...
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    We planted Mary Washington (an heirloom variety) in the method described by Reinbeau. In 2008 we had our first small harvest. OHHHHHHHHH - it was heaven! :D