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    Icecream tulip!!

    I think it's done!! I am super happy with it and hope they come back next year :)
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    Its trying!!

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    So so excited!!!! Ice cream tulip!!!!

    I have wanted these for years but never bought any, but last year my in-laws gifted me some bulbs and they actually came up!!! I can't wait till they bloom!!!
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    And here they are!!! : )

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    2021 Buckeyes cross your fingers!!

    So this is my batch from this year 4 out of 8 for 2020 ( I think will have to wait and see next year for sure )
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    Saving seeds

    My in-laws have black rasberry bushes but the berries unfortunately didn't get picked and have dried up or gone bad. Could I still get seeds from these berries to try and make starts out of?
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    Question about my trees

    I brought my saplings in when we got the weird cold snap so they've been inside for about a week. Are they OK to just move back outside or do I need to set them outside for a few hours a day to let them readjust?
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    Wait... What month is it??

    Well played mother nature!!
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    Can anyone help me with what's going on with my Basil

    I keep my basil inside and just put this one out yesterday brought it in because it's getting cold again. Could anyone tell me what this might be and if it fixable. TIA
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    My first adventure

    So I thought I'd share my first attempt with trees! My grandma lives on property that has been in our family for a long time. In the back is what used to be the second pasture for the sheep. We would actually herd them there from down at the farm that was my great grandparents. Now that there...
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    Hi from a Buckeye transplanted in IN

    Hi from the IN/OH border. I am new to gardening but i am hoping to start trying and was pointed here for help with questions when I have some! I finally kept my grocery store basil alive as well as propagated it, and my mint I planted last year came back! I know this isn't super impressive as...