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  1. Manda_Rae

    Spiral Herb Garden

    I wanted to share how I built my Herb spiral Garden. I plan on building larger one that has a walking path. Step one plan your space accordingly. I used my Square foot garden template to measure it out. I mowed the garden as short as I could and then put Cardboard down Then I laid my first...
  2. Manda_Rae

    Fixing soil

    What can I do to make this area soil healthy to plant in for next year? I mostly have raised beds but I would like to start planting a few things in ground. What can I do this year to repair for next year. Besides buying a bag of dirt an throwing it on top.
  3. Manda_Rae

    Green with white flowers

    Does anyone recognize this plant. It's a bush I think I have 2 on my property. It eventually gets berries.
  4. Manda_Rae

    What to plant Small spot

    I wasn't quite sure where to put this. I want to put flowers or herbs in the Cinderblock holes. Any suggestions on what I can plant. I have marigolds in some. What else?
  5. Manda_Rae

    My Little Garden friend

    He or she always slithers away when I catch a glimpse. But I finally got a good picture!
  6. Manda_Rae

    Potatoes in a Bag

    So this is my first year trying to grow potatoes. I did a layer let them grow added more dirt and now they look like this should i add more dirt? I have a ton more potato seeds that were gifted to us and I want to get it right LOL
  7. Manda_Rae

    Apple tree

    We planted this Red delicious Apple tree in August 2020. This is the first year it blossomed. Is it a good sign for apples? Yes we have other Apple trees around.
  8. Manda_Rae

    My 2022 Garden Journey

    Well last year I had a mid size garden and this year we are expanding more. Each year we add more and expand more so not to overwhelm ourselves. We have had the chickens for 3 yrs and we are finally almost done expanding the coop and I've been considering doing a compost run like Justin Rhodes...
  9. Manda_Rae

    Fall Garlic

    My first year planting Garlic. I planted in in the fall in a raised bed with deep mulch. Is it okay to remove some of the mulch or should I wait a little longer. I'm in Zone 5 This is a picture from the Fall
  10. Manda_Rae

    Newish Hello!

    Well I'm kind of new but I joined back in 2011 and only posted once while i was living in Florida 🤣 I now live in Pennsylvania (again) on 1 acre 😁 We have been here for 3yrs and I'm slowly adding more and more to the property. Our goals are to be self sufficient for food for our family of 4. We...
  11. Manda_Rae

    Calla Lily Bulbs

    I'm fairly new to growing my own Calla Lilies. I love tham and used to just purchase them but I have a few bulbs that were given to me. They have already started to grow. Does anyone have advice on Potted Calla lilies? I rent so I don't want to plant them into the ground. I do have cactus dirt...