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    Fresh Spot Prawns!

    Yesterday we caught spot prawns and made shrimp scampi! Soooo good!
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    Back Porch Veggies

    All of my friends love plants and gardening! These are a couple pics of a friend's back porch veggies!
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    What is the song or poem weighs up how you feel today??

    Ya, funny! I love taking photos of all beautiful flowers and plants!!! 😊
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    Look at this Beauty!

    Gorgeous flowers! I especially love the one on top! Looks like a candy flower!
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    Look at this Beauty!

    My friend has a lovely little garden behind her home and this is one of her flowers!!
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    I saw these daisies today on my walk!
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Love the bangs! 😊
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    Another Mystery Flower!

    Here's a pic of the leaves and the flowers!
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    Another Mystery Flower!

    Ill post another shot that shows the leaves better!
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    A Single Rose

    I love how this rose looks all by itself!
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    Another Mystery Flower!

    I think this is a summer hyacinth, but I'm not certain. Pretty though!
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    Tree Rose

    I love this tree rose growing by my neighbors house!
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Wow, that's gorgeous! 😍 Did you grow all of those flowers? My mom used to grow lots of flowers in California. She would often bring me a fresh bouquet when I lived nearby!
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    Little Rose!

    I saw this white rose on my walk today and I couldn't resist snapping a pic!
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    Mystery Flower!

    It does look very similar to my flower!
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    Mystery Flower!

    Lol! There are so many flowers around here - all I can smell is a flower potpourri!
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    Mystery Flower!

    A friend of mine guessed it could be a mock orange flower?
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    Mystery Flower!

    I didn't smell the flower, but my mom guessed the same flower as you!
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    Mystery Flower!

    I saw this flower on my walk yesterday. It was a potted flower and I don't know what kind it is. Pretty though!