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    Good Morning. Back to the garden to run sprinklers this morning. Will go for 3 times this week. Should have been doing that about 3 weeks earlier. Heat/Sun/Wind did some real damage to brassicas, especially. Time for recovery, at least. Steve Well, do you ever get the feeling that the story's...
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    What are You Eating from the Garden?

    @Gardening with Rabbits , The Asian greens this time will be limited to Bok Choy and Kailaan. Had some eggplant for dinner for the first time in 2022. Amaranth for lunch with chicken curry made with our new potatoes. Steve
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    Thought of TEG Cat Owners

    One of my neighbors owns several cats. On arecent visit, she introduced them to me: "That’s Astrophe, that’s Erpillar, that’s Aract, that’s Alogue." “Where on earth did you get such unusual names?” I asked. “Oh, those are their last names,” she explained. “Their first names are Cat.”
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    my favourite thing is when people post oatmeal and they're like, "kept it super simple today" and it's like vanilla bean matcha chai toffee oats with cocoa nibs, caramelised star fruit and bewitched pecan butter with barbecued bananas captured in the trees of narnia. Just finished my Second...
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    Thought of TEG Cat Owners

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    What are You Eating from the Garden?

    Could it be "Naguri," @Phaedra Geiermann ? John Scheepers has both Naguri and Zuccuri. By earlier version you are probably meaning an earlier variety release but Scheepers has Zuccuri as a 110 day and Naguri as an 80-100 days. Reimer's has it at 81 days to maturity kabocha. Early! I'd better...
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    Somehow, It's Funny that Way

    A drunk was brought to court. The judge says, "You've been brought here for drinking." The drunk says, "Okay, let's get started."
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    What are You Eating from the Garden?

    @Phaedra Geiermann , How about the other kabocha? What variety is that one? As you make use of them in the kitchen, please let us know about flavor. Steve PS, we finally have a couple of zucchini from the garden.
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    Ducks4you for 2022

    If you have a suitable south wall on a garage or other building, think about a lean-to greenhouse, Ducks'. Lowes and Home Depot sell lean-to greenhouses. BTW, they should be cheaper - whether they are or not, I don't know. I have worked in a greenhouse range with 8 greenhouses (and more in...
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    Sweet Peas!

    They look like the annual type, Dahlia. And, nothing smells sweeter than those sweet peas. 🐝 💐
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    I forget if i planted this or not

    May well be. It's difficult to see in the photo how long the leaves are. I'm not hoping horseradish unless Manda_Rae is a real fan and it's in an out-of-the-way location. And, what have I done - grow turnips twice in 50 years? :D Steve
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    I forget if i planted this or not

    Manda_Rae, Is there a chance that it is horseradish? Possibly a kale of some kind but breaking and smelling a leaf should be a clue re: horseradish.
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    Your Weather, 2022

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    Goin' to the Dogs!

    now that i think about it -- to his human, it's just a game. the dog wins a biscuit!
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    Are You Enjoying that Big, Full Moon?

    @R2elk , That is very nicely done :)!
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    What are You Eating from the Garden?

    @Gardening with Rabbits , my first sowing of green beans resulted in puny plants. The cool June must not have been to their liking. The second sowing produced big, robust plants!. The pods are just about ready for harvest. The third sowing (all the same packet of Jade) resulted in ... almost...
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    stubbed toes and mud pies

    I am guessing that you don't have many nearby fields of tomatoes nor, perhaps, other gardens close by. What are the host plants for earlier generations of these pests? I swear, the Colorado potato beetles like nightshade weeds as well as they like potatoes. The nightshade is common . Steve
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    What are You Eating from the Garden?

    The tomatoes in the distant garden have grown well. Many of the plants are well into their sprawl but waist high. There are few tomatoes on them. I suppose that hot July weather has interfered with setting fruit. It's okay because there are so many plants in that row however, I do need to save...