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  1. SPedigrees

    Why do you eat?

    Interesting topic. I eat when I'm hungry. I'm not a big fan of cooking, so I'll make a big pot of something (this week it's spaghetti, last week was chicken with rice and green beans), stick it in the fridge, and dish out and microwave small portions at various times of the day over the course...
  2. SPedigrees

    These weird things sprang up in a pot with my elephant ear plant - should I be worried?

    ----"i'm not sure i understand the question? are you worried someone will spray it?"---- No, I'm worried about what it might have already been sprayed with, or grown with, or genetically manipulated (while, or before it was a bulb) that might kill insects or harm other critters that come in...
  3. SPedigrees

    These weird things sprang up in a pot with my elephant ear plant - should I be worried?

    Oh thanks Flowerbug! That's such a relief to know. I can live with mushrooms, and your point about making sure that both mushrooms and plant have enough fertilizer/nutrients is well taken. Directions for growing Elephant Ears called for very wet conditions, so I've been keeping it in a...
  4. SPedigrees

    These weird things sprang up in a pot with my elephant ear plant - should I be worried?

    I wasn't quite sure where this thread belonged. I thought about putting it under "pests" but I'm not sure that's what these creepy things are. They look like little round seed pods. Does anyone know what they are?
  5. SPedigrees

    Killer of Plants

    Welcome to the group. My first reaction was to assume you were referring to rabbits and deer! They've eaten everything I've planted this year! I'm in Vermont so my growing climate is much different than yours, and I wouldn't know how to advise you, but I wish you luck.
  6. SPedigrees

    Rhubarb problems

    Are you certain that your rhubarb plants have died? I'm not sure what variety I have, but mine have lived in my perennial bed for nearly a decade. They spring up early in the summer each year and I harvest some stalks. Then the leaves turn red and wither, much like the leaves in your photo...
  7. SPedigrees

    Grandparent bragging

    ----A little clarification is is order here, while fried squirrel is the ultimate goal and heads up my list of all time favorite dinners, i was referring to the fresh dead, in your game bag smell of the little fury critter’s them selves! ---- My grandparents used to host a game dinner every New...
  8. SPedigrees

    Tried to Like It

    There really are no fruits or vegies that I dislike. A few are not my favorites, like pears, kale, or zucchini, but I will eat them. Actually I do like zucchini when spiralized and added to spaghetti, and I love it in this recipe: -------------------------------- Zucchini Skillet Dish Saute...
  9. SPedigrees


    These past couple months have really opened my eyes to the plight of city dwellers who are quarantining. Up until now I've been able to walk my dog everyday, not up in our woods, but at least around our open field, but now the snow and ice have reached glacial proportions and we have been...
  10. SPedigrees

    Weather Where You Are

    We definitely had a frost both last night and the night before (here in Vermont), and this morning there was a thin layer or ice on the dogs' outdoor water bucket. It's cold today with a biting wind that makes this sunny day feel much colder still. Stay safe from the fires, Marie2020. The...
  11. SPedigrees

    Weather Where You Are

    "Ouch" is about all that can be said about it! At least the 25 spruce plugs I planted a few weeks ago are getting most of their watering from Mother Nature. I've only had to water them myself about 3 times. When this (insert expletive here) snow melts, it should provide them all with a nice...
  12. SPedigrees

    Weather Where You Are

    Well let me tell you about the weather here in Vermont! Last night and today, May 8-9, this is what it looks like. (It's not melting today.) : This is the 3rd cold spring in a row now with temperatures so low that nothing germinates. Even my lettuce (a cold weather crop) planted in...
  13. SPedigrees

    Free: New Mason Bee House and extra bee tubes

    Ah sorry, Mary. But I had only one to give away, and it left in the post yesterday. I had to laugh at my own phobia when I realized how relieved I was to have the bee house not just gone, but traveling from one end of the country to the other.... far, far away! I have an irrational fear of...
  14. SPedigrees

    What are You Eating from the Garden?

    I planted lettuce and some other salad greens in containers on my front porch the other day. About a week later than usual, but then it has been horribly cold here, more like January than April.
  15. SPedigrees

    Free: New Mason Bee House and extra bee tubes

    It is re-packaged, in my car, and will be departing next week for a new happy home 2000+ miles away.
  16. SPedigrees

    Free: New Mason Bee House and extra bee tubes

    flowerbug, do you want it? Just say the word and it's yours! (It will not be staying here. It's creeping me out even sequestered in a spare room behind a shut door.)
  17. SPedigrees

    Free: New Mason Bee House and extra bee tubes

    I was given this by a well-meaning relative, but the problem is I'm terrified of bees (and other stinging insects)! I co-exist with bees that visit my gardens and I understand their ecological importance, but I draw the line at inviting them to take up residence on my property, even this...
  18. SPedigrees

    n95 dust masks

    I think the death toll in my (small rural) state is still under 30 and I didn't know any of the victims. I am 70 yrs old, but in relatively good health, so I keep a good thought for my own survival. I limit my trips out to get groceries to less than two per month and this next time will be...
  19. SPedigrees

    Who am I GWade

    Welcome to the forum, George. I'm in Vermont where my late hubby and I resided for close to 50 years, and I still do. I've been intrigued by the art of taxidermy from an early age, come from a family of outdoorsmen and women, and we cared for a herd of 4 equines into their last years on our...
  20. SPedigrees

    Cone Flower ID help, please

    I don't know, but I like it! These sprang up in my ditch along the roadside. Not cone flowers, but also not just wild black-eyed susans judging from the halos.