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    You might want to check this out take the time
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    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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    Remember these

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    Southern Boy ~Buddy Brown

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    Eggplant ~Sumpoog Ar.

    Do you have room for Eggplant, do you like them but seldom serve them and never grow them ``` You can start them from seed ``` Don't have much room ``` you can put the container in the ground or keep them on your deck Grow them in containers ``` Spring is coming ~ plant eggplant, of your...
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    In some of the Southern States Cacao Plant could be grown at home ~ wondering,, do you ```

    I was wondering if any of us actually grew a Cacao plant or plants ``` I was reading about this plant ~ never seen on except in a picture, if you or family or friends has please tell us about it ~ thanks
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    Banned for a few days

    Not sure what it was that got me banned ~ whatever it was forgive me ``` Richard
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    Bitter, Bittersweet memory from our past ~ Jackie Kennedys letter to Marie Tibbit ```

    Marie Tippit, wife of Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit, recieved a hand-written note from Jackie Kennedy. It read, " Dear Mrs Tippit, What can I say to you - My husband's death is responsible for you losing your husband. Wasn't one life enough to take on that day? I lit a flame for Jack at...
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    What Supplements do you take ~ why that ```

    Do you take Vitamin C or B12 or regularly ~ why and how much, how about Magnesium or COQ10 ``` Have you taking any supplement and noticed positive results ``` Myself, I'm taking Glucosamine (for and ankle injury from a skiing injury ~ Magnesium and COQ10 ~ I pop a B12 now and then, because...
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    Well, Here's what happened ```

    I get DVDs and Disks at the Library in South Lake Tahoe, view them and return them ``` Couple three days ago I picked up 5 (five) Disk titles ~ One of them, a 4 (four) disk set titled Vietnam ~ I played two disks, then put the second disk back into the jacket closed AND I thought I set it on...
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    Hoviv has gone ```

    He, Hoviv, didn't wake me at 6:00 as usual, Thrusday morning, didn't get off his bed when I came down, didn't eat, did come out with me to the Hot Tub but just lay in the shade, I called him to come so we could get in the truck he came up to the kitchen about 10 feet and fell then called to me...
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    Daughter tried to pay me for lunch ???

    Married daughter drives up here to work and so comes by for lunch every day ~ today she handed me $40 ~ What's this for ? To help defray the cost of feeding me ~ What the hell you talking about ~ you shouldn't have to still feed me ~ Are you crazy ``` Some times I wonder what goes through...
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    they gave me an Air Fryer

    Son and daughter gave me an Air Fryer ~ I ease dropped on a thread where youse guys were talking about them ~ I've done drumsticks and a chicken breast in it ~ pretty good ```
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    Air Fryer ~ Drumstick

    Son and Daughter gave me an air fryer ~ I spiced Drumsticks last night and they were very nice, moist and taste ~ Shad Hamov e ``` I'm making a copy tonight ~ I've done 4 ~ one for Hoviv, with his food, my friend and pup ~ and three for me with cooked onions and damn, I forgot the name of these...
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    This is what I've been looking for ~ you'll love this ~ MPG calculator ``` I've been looking for this for a long time and want to share the wealth ``` I had one years ago ~ they use to give them out at a gas station ```
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    Tis The Twelfth Day of Christmas Surp Tznoont ~

    Yea, It's the 12th Day of Christmas ~ Armenian Christmas ~ Christ is Born and Revealed ~ God Bless you and all your families ```