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  1. so lucky

    What Did You Learn This Garden Season?

    I thought it would be interesting to see what people learned about their gardening practices or new varieties they may have tried. Or anything else garden related. Here's mine: I was crazy about Fortex Pole beans until this year, when I planted a few Blue Lake pole just because I didn't have...
  2. so lucky

    Question for Bee Keepers

    The last few days the honey bees have been downright obnoxious around our yard. They have taken over most of the hummingbird feeders, and also a dish I put out full of sugar water. It seems to be thousands although probably only hundreds. It doesn't seem like they are thirsty, as they ignore the...
  3. so lucky

    Hey Carol Dee! Are You OK?

    With all the wind and damage in Iowa, I was wondering if you and yours are OK. Did you have damage?
  4. so lucky

    Plenty of Flowers But no Beans

    The Fortex pole beans I planted are doing ....fair....but my one pole full of Blue Lake Pole beans are flowering like crazy, have been for a month, but not a single bean. There are about 3 actual seeds planted around the pole, and they have good looking foliage, but just not making beans. I...
  5. so lucky

    Japanese Beetles and Geraniums

    I couldn't figure out why my geraniums had dead J. B. bugs around the pot every day, and a few dead or nearly dead in the blooms. I asked the seller where I bought them if they had perhaps used systemic insecticide on them before selling. He said no, but that geraniums have a toxic effect on...
  6. so lucky

    My First Broody Hen

    With my previous batch of chickens, I never had one go broody, but the Black Copper Marens I have decided to go broody this week. She is really cranky when I push her out of the nest box every day. Growling at me, pecking at me. Hackles raised. She has perfected the "stink-eye". Since this is...
  7. so lucky

    Unlucky Penny

    My brave, silly and comforting dog Penny is having problems with her back leg/hip. We have an appointment for Wednesday but the vet is not allowing people in, they just come to the car and get the animal. We will have to tell them on the phone about her symptoms. She began favoring her leg...
  8. so lucky

    Buffalo Gnats Again!

    Any one else being assaulted by buffalo gnats this spring? We got them earlier this week. They are bothering the chickens pretty bad. I guess if the gnats remain I will set the fan up in the chicken yard so the birds can sit in front of a strong breeze. Their bites make big painful welts on me...
  9. so lucky

    Questions to Ponder

    This is sort of a trivial problem, but here goes. You all know I'm trivial, anyway. On facebook, a lady I friended then "unfollowed" because she puts silly annoying stuff on there all the time....I found out that this woman has started "gifting" people on their birthday, by posting on facebook a...
  10. so lucky

    What should I do with Dahlias that are Sprouting Now?

    I bought some bagged dahlia starts about 2 weeks ago and now I see they are starting to grow pretty vigorously in the bag. It will be about a month yet before they will be safe planted outside, so I was wondering if I should pot them up and keep them inside under lights? Or stick the bag in the...
  11. so lucky

    Now We Have Robo Texts?

    I get about 7 to 8 robo calls per day lately, but last night I got 3 robo texts! They were addressed to my DH (phone is not in his name) telling him the money needs is available to him; he just needs to provide some information so it can be transferred to his account. 😛😜🤪😏 Sure, let me go get my...
  12. so lucky

    I Want to Try Something Else

    My garden has been getting to be way more trouble than it is worth the last few years so I have been trying to figure out what is wrong. I think one thing that is a major problem is the insects that I can't seem to get rid of. I have had pretty deep mulch, added to yearly, and I think insects...
  13. so lucky

    Arg! I Lost My Avatar!

    It has been so long since I put up a new avatar, I apparently forgot how. I deleted my old one and can't get the new pic up. I tried drag and drop from my desk top, but apparently that doesn't work for me. :barnie
  14. so lucky

    Itty Bitty Eggs

    So, two of my girls have started laying, both of the black sex links. And all of the eggs so far are tiny. About like Bantam eggs. It's been six eggs so far. I'm ready for some big eggs. Come on girls, concentrate! Only one out of the eight still have small pale combs, so I think we will get...
  15. so lucky

    Stuck in the Bathroom?

    My DH was jolted out of bed last night with a leg cramp, and then realized he had to go to the bathroom. Next thing I know is I hear a loud crash, and no answer from him when I called out. I couldn't open the bathroom door because he had fallen against it. I finally got him to move over enough...
  16. so lucky

    Chicken Hijinks

    I had to replace the leg bands on our chickens again, so I got DH to help me catch them. What a mess! I had bought a trout net to help catch them...couldn't find a good chicken net. Do they make those? Anyway, the trout net is not quite long handled enough, and I'm not quick enough. DH caught...
  17. so lucky

    Calling jackb....

    Anyone heard from him lately? Last post in February was deleted. I recently tried to message him but got no answer.
  18. so lucky

    Yellow Hops Clover or Black Medic?

    And really, what difference does it make? Except that my chicken yard has lots of it, and the chicks are eating it like candy. Does anyone know of a reason I should pull it up so the chicks can't get to it? I read that Black Medic is a source of protein, but, still...
  19. so lucky

    Gnats, Anyone?

    Especially in the Midwest and Southeast, where we've had so much rain, are you getting a lot of gnats? I didn't notice them till a few days ago. They are not the big buffalo gnats like we had about 5 years ago--or longer? But they are plenty annoying. And Deet doesn't seem to deter them one bit...
  20. so lucky

    I Broke Down and Got Chickens Today

    Today when I took one of the grand daughters to the feed store, they had lots of different kinds of chicks, so I decided to get some while the variety was good. (I hope) 2 Ameraucana 2 Welsummer 1 Black Majesty Maran (I know, not taking my own advice to Mary) 2 Black Sex-link 1 Prairie Bluebell...