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  1. ducks4you

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    I sawed down ALL of the burdock and other weeds/saplings on one section of fencing, the one I see when I look out of the north windows of the porch. There are 14 sections of fencing. Also, mowed 1/2 the yard, the 1/2 the anybody sees when they drive by. :lol:
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    A Seed Saver's Garden

    I didn't really ferment them. I will throw those seeds into one of the beds. I might get a few volunteers. I will still have Plenty of seeds.
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    Birthday wishes for aftermidnight

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    Family Restaurant

    @Phaedra Geiermann , do you pressure can? I have pressured canned chili, not tried straight meat yet, but lots of people post videos on it. You can store for months/years.
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    Tomato 2022

    New book:
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Sawed down 3 saplings and, when transferring 2D-4 from the broken sprayer to the new one, I just poured it on the stumps. I am tired of cutting them down every year. Burned the pile of burdock that has been drying out. I sawed down tall weeds that got away from me, some of which have grown...
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    A Seed Saver's Garden

    Lucky!!! I can't keep My family away from them!! I threw away my first attempt (2022) of saving Cherokee Purple seeds. Didn't think I fermented them right. I took one of the growing collection of laundry detergent measuring cups and started fermenting again. I took 2 tomatoes that were...
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    Ducks4you for 2022

    Dirt_ by Montgomery. OWN it.
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    I am Definitely trying That recipe!!
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    2022 Little Easy Bean Network - We Are Beans Without Borders
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    Rhodie Ranch 2022 Garden

    You are in good company @Rhodie Ranch! Most people Hate anchovies and cannot stand it when somebody orders 1/2 sies with anchovies on a pizza bc the anchovy flavor permeates the whole thing. These things are fads, pumpkin spiced _______, and that stupid new idea that all baked goods are made...
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    2022 Little Easy Bean Network - We Are Beans Without Borders

    @bluejay, that is Great advice! I targeted one purple bean bush yesterday, for this. It is at the end of the row and will be easy to cut and hang after I see that is has some good sized pods with visible seeds. I intend to take your advice for ALL of my bean plants, including my lone yard...
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    Your Weather, 2022

    Here is our long term farmers almanac forecast. Supposed to be a warmer-than-normal October, so we may have a late first frost. October 2022 Long Range Weather Forecast for Lower Lakes Dates Weather Conditions Oct 1-11 Showers, cool Oct 12-20 Sunny, turning warm Oct 21-24 Scattered...
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    Experiments, observations, and lessons learned

    @Ridgerunner. looks like they have another 3, maybe 4 weeks to grow before the first frost. I may cover the bed with sheets when the first frost is forecast, then rip everything out of that bed.
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    How Long Do Raisins Last? An unopened bag of raisins lasts for a couple of months past the date printed on it. Once you open up the bag, raisins should keep quality for about 6 months if you store them in a sealed bag. Without a tight seal, they will dry out sooner. My Googlefoo is strong, indeed.
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    Ducks4you for 2022

    I finally am getting my posts painted for my grape arbor fix. I still need to clean up the botched orange paint job. You can use your finger to rub the orange spray paint (used for marking in the grass, or painting stumps to make them visible, and it was a gift of a $1 item) off, but I will...
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    Ducks4you for 2022

    My accidentally planted cantaloupe, which is keeping the horses off of their south pasture, and is 2x larger than the others, is STILL too green to harvest. I plan to let the horses eat the other two after I pull the biggest one. Notice the mushrooms and weeds growing in piled up 2021 used...
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    Ducks4you for 2022

    Earlier this week I found another pumpkin, an orange one, and yesterday I found a 2nd one. Happy little accidents!
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    Ducks4you for 2022

    To happier thoughts... I Never expected any of the squash I planted to help my sweet potato plants survive to produce any fruit but it looks like I will get a little return from them, after ALL. My biggest theme for 2022 has been to learn to grow in the Fall. There have been years when I did...
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    Ducks4you for 2022

    Interesting... I think it's all about your supply. It's not as black and white as some online advice. Ya know, Something is a bad idea, even though it's not poisonous to the soil or earthworms. I want to more completely utilize the soiled bedding from my horse's winter stalls bc it piles up...