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  1. 4grandbabies

    What are you canning now?

    Been quite a while since I have been on here. I had health issues and have been a caregiver for my husband . Now a widow for a year, and trying to get back to what feels like a normal life. I look forward to searching to see who is still on that i used to follow.
  2. 4grandbabies

    What are you canning now?

    I have just taken a canner of beef stew off the burner. I like one jar meals :-)
  3. 4grandbabies

    Canesisters 2018 Garden Thread - BTE/SBG hybrid??

    The straw bale garden sounds interesting. Do you have troublewith mice or snakes taking up residence?
  4. 4grandbabies

    Container Gardening

    I have not been on here for a long time, due to health, and my hubbys health. I am anxious to look through and see how many familiar names are still here. We are going to try tall raised beds this year, they have to be waist high for me to use them, Our son in law started some from old sheet...
  5. 4grandbabies

    Bradly tomatoes

    I joined a seed of the month club, and have started Bradley Tomatoes from it. I had never heard of them, they are determinate, has anyone tried them, how do you like them?
  6. 4grandbabies

    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    I am planting nothing outside, ground stays to wet to get garden ready!! :-(
  7. 4grandbabies

    Your opinion of rooting harmone

    I bought some one time a few years ago. it said not to use for food products, maybe there are some that is for food, I just never bought any more. I used what I had for house plant cuttings etc.. Don't think I noticed much diiference
  8. 4grandbabies

    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    The only planting that I am doing is in my mind, seed catalogs are coming in the mail, its time to drool and dream, then get down to business by practical planning of what we need,what we like and what will grow the best in this area.
  9. 4grandbabies

    Can someone tell me what this bug is?

    Thank you, I did not see it, it was a friend in Texas that found it in her flower garden.. I think she also figured out what it was.
  10. 4grandbabies

    What Did You Cook and Eat From Your Garden Today?

    I did not get anything out of the garden today, but I have canned a mix of turnip tops and wild greens the past week. Its too wet to get in the garden for now. We need to pick the spinach.
  11. 4grandbabies

    PotterWatch garden 2014

    We have something besides gardening in common, I am a homeschooling grandma :-0
  12. 4grandbabies

    What did YOU do in your garden today :P

    Today, I hoed a 50ft row of onions! Yeah, for once we got them in early, they are growing and greening up early!!
  13. 4grandbabies

    What did YOU do in your garden today :P

    Finally got out my seed storage container, and decided what I need to buy for this year. I think I will mostly be using up left over seed. No big decisions. I hope that I can start my tomato and pepper seed this weekend.
  14. 4grandbabies

    When do you harvest coffee beans

    I would imagine so, I finally found a site about them, and it said indirect light (which surprised me) and also to repot every year or so.
  15. 4grandbabies

    What's your favorite vegetable variety?

    I always have to have Goliath tomatoes(have to be staked) blue lake green beans and top crop, detroit dark red beets, prizehead lettuce kennebek potatoes (may be mispelled) calypso cucumbers.. great for eating and canning, bear a lot, holds up well. Champion radishes. Vidalia onions Big Bertha...
  16. 4grandbabies

    When do you harvest coffee beans

    Coffee report. I have much to learn. When I picked my berries, they were red and I thought they were ready, I left some on because they were'nt red enough. Now they are darker and larger than what I picked, so lesson one, let them stay on till really dark red. Lesson 2- I roasted them quite a...
  17. 4grandbabies

    When do you harvest coffee beans

    My plant was beautiful, then I stuck it on the deck for summer, it was not happy a lost a lot of leaves, but is recovering and I will be getting a pot of coffee this year, now I know it likes indirect sun light (the ones you buy from seed companies.) It takes at least 4 years to bloom and...