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  1. 4grandbabies

    Bradly tomatoes

    I joined a seed of the month club, and have started Bradley Tomatoes from it. I had never heard of them, they are determinate, has anyone tried them, how do you like them?
  2. 4grandbabies

    When do you harvest coffee beans

    I purchased a coffee plant about 4 1/2 years ago. It is not taller than me, and has a lot of coffee "berries" on it. I have no idea how long to leave them on the plant, or what to do to prepare them to use. I am excited, but are the domestic house plant coffee plants edible ? I would love to...
  3. 4grandbabies

    This years harvest

    I have been off here for a while, but here are a few pics of what happened here this year The orchard that we helped plant when we moved here is starting to bear, we froze a lot of peaches, blackberries, and made grape jelly. We also had some cherries ,apples and pears to eat fresh. Hope this is...
  4. 4grandbabies

    Gardens, Grandkids, and Homeschooling

    When we first moved next door so our Daughter and her husband and kids could look after us because of health problems, we had no idea how well it would work for all of us! We have found that they have valued our years of gardening experience, and after 4 years they (we all) have a healthy...
  5. 4grandbabies

    Some garden pics

    Just the standard stuff, but here are some pics of what we are getting now cucumbers peppers green beans
  6. 4grandbabies

    First green beans

    We have had new potatoes and batter fried zuxhini so far, but here is out first picking of green beans..along with a zuchini that I just picked.
  7. 4grandbabies

    Big Day for us!

    Today my gardening pal, best friend, DH and I, celebrate our 49th year of marriage! How do those years go by so fast?:love
  8. 4grandbabies

    Question about rose hips

    For the first time ever, I am having success growing roses. (See submission in pic of the week). My question is about rose hips. I admit to using Bayer Advanced Rose and Flower care. I used it because my white rose has some kind of dark speckles that looked like it could be a virus or something...
  9. 4grandbabies

    What kind of snake is this

    Can any one tell me if this is just a common garden snake? Grandaughter found it today, we have not seen one quite like it, mostly I have seen the ones with stripes. Oh, and the pic makes it look bigger than it was, it was young, and apparently the cat had killed it. We have a cat that is death...
  10. 4grandbabies

    Gardening the easy way

    Just put the kids to work :celebrate
  11. 4grandbabies

    Best use for my coffee grounds ???

    I have been storing my used coffee grounds since last fall. I have a large bucket full-yes, its been a long winter- Now I am wondering if there is anything in a regular veg garden that would NOT like them. I remember that years ago, a neighbor used to spread them over the grass outside his...
  12. 4grandbabies

    Honeybee at work

    I help our daughter homeschool 2 of our grandchildren, today we were studying bugs, bees and insects. After class, our 9 year old asked if she could borrow my camera and go on a nature walk. Here is a couple of pics that she came back with. Dont know how much she learned in class, but she...
  13. 4grandbabies

    Very serious question about treated wood

    I remember this subject being addressed on here sometime in the past, but dont know if my exact concerns were brought up..cant find the old link. We moved here a year ago, and we are reestablishing everything. I can remember for a very long time, that I know you dont use old railroad ties or...
  14. 4grandbabies

    What happened!!

    A terrible thing happened today, I enjoyed being outside most of the day today, but finally came in, and of course the first thing I did was check on todays new postings. AARRGG...I was logged out, I have no idea what happened, since this is one site I keep on all the time, and usually go into...
  15. 4grandbabies

    Question about growing Jasmine

    I got so carried away when all the garden catalogs came out this year, that I ordered a few things by whim Today I received the things I ordered in January-guess that means its planting time. I ordered these knowing they will be inside in the winter, but still have a question When I read about...
  16. 4grandbabies

    Bugs, bugs everywhere

    We have been totally attacked by those stinky little beatles that look like lady bugs but are not red. I bought some organic not toxic to human and pet stuff, which slows them down, I used it around the door facings so we can come and go, but for every one that drops , many MORE APPEAR... UGGG...
  17. 4grandbabies

    Questions about using wood chips for compost

    Just had the electric company trim tree tops in this area, and we requested a pile of the shredded chips. Looks like we are about to get a big truck load, now I have questions. :ep CanI mix it in something for compost.. what would I mix in to break it down. by next summer, can it be used as...
  18. 4grandbabies


    This is my very first post. We recently moved next door to our daughter because of health problems. We are sharing a new garden spot with them. Before moving ,we used a spot that my mother in law had built up year to year, and had some great gardens. The soil type here is different, it looks...