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  1. Branching Out

    majors 2023 garden

    In the Pacific Northwest many fields are being flipped to either grow blueberries, or hops and grains for the thriving micro-brew industry. These are long-term, perennial crops that will not easily be rotated into something else, so it concerns me a bit that we will run out of fertile...
  2. Branching Out

    Branching Out's Seeds and Sprouts 2023

    I think the moths will just have to enjoy life outdoors on the covered deck for now, and I will try to use up the dry fertilizer as soon as possible-- maybe on my hedge. It is the second time that I purchased this product; no issues at all with the first sack, so an unpleasant surprise this...
  3. Branching Out

    Branching Out's Seeds and Sprouts 2023

    Just opened my bin of dry organic fertilizer that I keep indoors, and a cloud of small cream coloured moths started flitting around. It was absolutely crawling with them. I had them on my arms, my hands, everywhere. The whole mess was hustled outside pronto. This gives new meaning to...
  4. Branching Out


    I planted a dozen or so ranunculas in large patio containers, and they are literally erupting from the soil like small green volcanoes. Today I will plant out the last tray that I have been pre-sprouting.
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    Branching Out's Seeds and Sprouts 2023

    The season's first 'bouquet' of daffodils is in full bloom, and in behind it the early camelia is just getting started.
  6. Branching Out

    Phaedra's 2023 Adventure

    I recently watched a program from Blossomhill Nursery, and they start all of their delphiniums from cuttings as they don't come true from seed. If you can get them to grow they are certainly beautiful flowers. Your start looks very robust.
  7. Branching Out

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    What a beautiful photo Carol-- congratulations!
  8. Branching Out


    I planted pansies last spring and then over-wintered them, and they did drop a LOT of seed. There must be a thousand 1/2" tall seedlings sprouting. The original 'mother' plants made it through the winter too, because here in the Pacific Northwest pansies are very hardy. They go dormant...
  9. Branching Out

    Branching Out's Seeds and Sprouts 2023

    I am really falling in love with crocuses!
  10. Branching Out

    Branching Out's Seeds and Sprouts 2023

    We had two lovely days in a row, which provided the perfect opportunity to get some starts in the ground. My neighbour and I spent a couple of hours weeding their steep slope, and then we worked together planting out seedlings of Ethiopian Kale, yarrow, and rudbeckia. Kind of an eclectic mix...
  11. Branching Out

    DUCKS for THEE in 2023

    LOVE the wintery photo of your barn in the snow Ducks, and in terms of the frigid weather Lynx's body language kind of says it all, doesn't it?
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    There are two blooms and one more bud to come on an amaryllis 'Flamenco Queen' that I over-wintered from last year. It is a very small plant, with about a 7" stalk. Very petite-- and quite classy looking!
  13. Branching Out

    CC's Fruits, Veggies & Food 2023

    My first rhubarb seeds popped up yesterday too, and like you I am kind of hoping that all 8 seeds don't sprout (but I have a grand plan for them if they do!)
  14. Branching Out

    Branching Out's Seeds and Sprouts 2023

    Spring has definitely sprung, so I am feeling like I need to be in twelve places all at the same time-- and loving every minute of it! You can almost watch the plants growing. There are volunteer patches of bright green dill seed leaves, and very small and cute lettuce plants appearing here...
  15. Branching Out

    Branching Out's Seeds and Sprouts 2023

    We needed hay for our pet rabbit, so yesterday we went to the feed store and were kind of shocked by the price of hay. In terms of size it wasn't even the super long bale, but rather what they refer to as a '3 String Timothy' bale. It is imported from Washington State, and the price was $46CAD...
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    AMKuska's 2023 Garden

    Way to go-- hard work I am certain, yet so rewarding too!
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    Branching Out's Seeds and Sprouts 2023

    Late evening sun on the crocuses.
  18. Branching Out

    Cut flower garden

    Phaedra, the first photo of tiny seedlings do not resemble the lisianthus that I have grown. Are those your lizzies? I am growing them for only the second time, and mine have flat, shiny, hairless pointed leaves that resemble those of a very small succulent. New leaves always seem to arrive in...
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    This is good information Heirloomgal-- thank you. I reviewed an article from MSU,, and have noted the prussic acid poisoning risk after the leaves have experienced a frost, or after they wilt during drought...
  20. Branching Out

    Berry Shoots

    You can eat those??