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  1. Zeedman

    Strange seedling behavior

    My tomato seedlings are growing under high-bay fluorescent fixtures, with 6500 K T-8 bulbs. The pepper & eggplant seedlings look normal, but some of the tomato seedlings are acting oddly, spreading out horizontally in all directions. It is not a question of phototropism, since the trays are...
  2. Zeedman

    2020 Soybean Rescue?

    Not wanting to hijack Russ's thread... Soybeans are not as glamorous as beans, and not as many gardeners have a use for them... but I try to offer a wide selection (68 accessions at present) to other gardeners who are interested. Some are edamame. Others are intended for processing into soy...
  3. Zeedman


    It's that time of year again; the plants have all grown to full size, harvest is beginning - and the voles are back. :somad They tend to return in late summer, when the canopy has become dense enough to give them cover (from my resident Cooper's Hawks) and beans have begun to fill out. Some of...
  4. Zeedman


    Insects often mimic other insects (or other objects) to hide from predators, or to ambush prey. I found this example in my garden... pretty creative. Any guesses what it is mimicking?
  5. Zeedman

    Perennial onions & other edible alliums

    In permanent locations, I grow about a dozen perennial alliums of various species; Grolau chives (a Russian cultivar), Chinese chives, two bunching onions, two pearl onions, several walking onions, and two nesting onions. Some form bulbs, some do not. All but one have remained undisturbed for...
  6. Zeedman

    Mystery perennial

    This is in a neighbor's garden... I want to search for stock, but haven't got a clue what it is. The previous home owners planted these, the present owners don't know what they are either.
  7. Zeedman

    Pressure canner recommendations?

    Hoping I can tap into the wealth of experience here. It has been on my project list (for quite a few years now) to begin pressure canning my own dried beans... but I never got around to buying the pressure canner. A TV pressure cooker infomercial got me thinking about it again; but when I read...
  8. Zeedman

    Just watered the garden today

    Which doesn't sound noteworthy... but then, this is the first time I've had to water the vegetable garden since 2015!!! And only my home plots (which are better drained) needed it, the rural plot is still damp. The rains have been so frequent that in 2016 the garden never dried out, and the...
  9. Zeedman

    Photobucket cancels free hosting

    This was effective June 28th, with no prior notice. Now all of the photos I've posted online for over 10 years have been disabled... unless I agree to pay $100.00 a year to restore them. :somad While they have the right to make whatever changes they wish to a free service, to do so retroactively...
  10. Zeedman

    Tiger lily bulbils

    I have a HUGE patch of tiger lilies, and usually throw away most of the bulbils to keep them from multiplying further. Some of the bulbils are larger than normal this year (probably due to our heavy rainfall) so it seems a shame to waste them. It takes 3-4 years for them to reach blooming size...
  11. Zeedman

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Greetings all!!! New here, but I've been a presence on several other garden forums for many years now. Some of those forums seem to have withered away, maybe I can throw down a little organic fertilizer here as a preventive measure. Wait, that didn't come out right... ;):tongue I already see...