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    My 2020 Garden

    I got garlic planted last saturday so we should have a nice garlic harvest next year. I did 11 bulbs and 1 elephant bulb, shall see how they do.
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    Has anyone had a lavender flavored food? I have about 3 times came across recipes for lavender flavored baked goods. Like lavender and lemon macarons, lavendar and orange bunt cake, lavender and lemon pound/bunt cake, and lavender cookies. If yes does it taste just like lavender smells?
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    Thought I would join over here from BYH because we are thinking about re-doing our garden tech by changing to raised beds for most things and taking down some of our apples trees to put up other fruit trees. As well as making strawberry beds, berry bushes, and an herb garden. Also need to re-do...