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  1. Reinbeau

    Herb Garden - pics

    Very nice! I love herb gardens :)
  2. Reinbeau

    Kale Chips

    These sound awesome, I'm definitely going to try them.
  3. Reinbeau

    Too late for these perennials?

    I was pretty surprised myself - but pleased! They're going in the ground probably tomorrow.
  4. Reinbeau

    Too late for these perennials?

    Actually, Pat, I've got a nice flat of six Purple Knight (same as what I've already got growing out there) asparagus plants I just bought at a local nursery up in New Hampshire - people do grow them from seed. I'm going to use them to fill in the blanks out there in my bed. Of course there...
  5. Reinbeau

    Hen & Chicks (Pics added)

    They're tough, and easily separated. Go for it!
  6. Reinbeau

    Know this flower?

    Pull the bulb, store it overwinter in a pot kept barely moist in a cool spot, even freezing, but not too cold. Put it back out in the spring and see what happens. Worth a shot!
  7. Reinbeau

    Will the cosmos ever bloom?

    Those are awfully healthy looking plants, Wendy, I think that's fairly rich soil you've got them in - they'll bloom, most likely, after the solstice. I've found that to be true with many annuals, particularly Cosmos, Morning Glories and Moonflowers. Zinnias, soo, but not so much. See that...
  8. Reinbeau

    Too late for these perennials?

    Probably not too late depending on your location - where are you? Up here in the frozen Northeast I can still find these at local garden centers.
  9. Reinbeau

    My Roses need help.

    I would try a Neem oil based spray (I'm an organic gardener) or a good soap spray, that should take care of them.
  10. Reinbeau

    Can Someone help me with Irises?

    Iris are fairly easy to grow. Usually you'll start with one rhizome, it may be 'forked', so you'll get two fans. They do multiply, if they like it there, fairly quickly, so three to four years is probably right. There are sources on the internet, you can mail order them, usually, they'll sell...
  11. Reinbeau

    new trees no growth????

    Do the plants have leaves at all? Were they bare root? More info needed :) As I mentioned in your compost tumbler thread, be careful with fresh chicken manure, as you said, it's 'hot', it needs to be composted before use.
  12. Reinbeau

    just got a gigantic compost tumbler for free! How do i start it.

    Absolutely use the chicken manure, but be careful, chicken manure needs a long composting, and those tumblers tout their quick composting - so I'd only use a little mixed in with the leaves and other garden debris you have on hand.
  13. Reinbeau

    How do you wash your loose leaf lettuce?

    Do not get it on any leaves! I use a product called Burn Out that's a concentrated vinegar - it kills plants dead.
  14. Reinbeau

    1 Month Comparison Photos

    I'd fix your link if I knew the file name :)
  15. Reinbeau

    Mystery Flowering Shrub

    Yup, that's what I think it is too.
  16. Reinbeau

    Garlic Scapes !!!!! I am so excited

    Pick them at the U stage, they'll be nice and tender that way!
  17. Reinbeau

    Updates from A Bit of Earth

    Yes, I am using those red trays this season. I've been using red mulch now for years, I think it does work, but mainly it keeps the weeds down and the splash from inoculating the leaves with blight from the soil. Well, it keeps it down to a dull roar! :) I get more tomatoes than I can use...
  18. Reinbeau

    Ignoring Your Calendar

    It was an awesome year for dandelions, and if I spent every single minute of daylight on pulling dandelions from my 'lawn' I would 1) have no lawn, 2) have broken knees and a broken back and 3) would never be finished. I don't bother with them in the back yard, only out front. I pull them by...
  19. Reinbeau

    Updates from A Bit of Earth

    An update today, June 1st, almost everything is in except the cucumbers - gotta get them planted this afternoon, after teaching! I'm running out of room, so many seeds....
  20. Reinbeau

    What in the World is THIS?

    Love Dragon's Tongue beans, I won a blue ribbon for them once at the Marshfield Fair :) Thorns, huh? Yikes! :barnie