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  1. Jared77


    I got chicken pox in the 3rd grade and we had a few friends stop over to get exposed as well. I also got vaccinated but it was at the pediatrician's office not at school. All 3 of my kids are vaccinated too I can't imagine not doing it. What gets me is how people will take the word from the...
  2. Jared77

    Straight Men And Bed Linens

    Bed gets made more often than not however its not an automatic. When you work 12s and share a bed its often not made because my wife is still in it. I knew what all those terms were except for the little B (french sounding) pillow. As far as your nephew goes, its 1 thing to be ignorant its...
  3. Jared77

    A Life For A Life

    Ugh I'm sorry to hear that. Wasn't for a lack of trying but its still not easy.
  4. Jared77

    What Temperature Your House ?

    @seedcorn he points. He has a real strong point and will lock up very tight. Now we're working on him holding till given a verbal command to move once he goes on point. Want him to stay put so he stays safe. Nope no llewellin in him. @baymule there are a few different "strains" of English...
  5. Jared77

    What Temperature Your House ?

    This is Jasper He's a lot of fun to have around. He's bigger than I expected but he gets it done in the field as a hunter and a joy to have as part of the family.
  6. Jared77

    Butternut Squash Baby Food

    Id start mixing some other veggies in with veggies you know they like. Thats how we introduced the food to ours as we made our own baby food.
  7. Jared77

    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween!! Let me check the statute of limitations before admitting to any shenanigans :duc
  8. Jared77

    Deer Season 2018

    For us so long as your orange can be seen from 360* its legal. Now whats legal and what's a good idea......well.........
  9. Jared77

    Atomic Beam headlamp replacement

    I wonder if a connection went bad? LEDs are supposed to run a loooong time
  10. Jared77

    2 Headed Snake

    I'm good with most critters till they are poisonous or venomous. That's when I'm out. Not worth the risk, I'm not going to cull them, I leave them be so they leave me be.
  11. Jared77

    Deer Season 2018

    If it wasn't an all day drive I'd already have said hi. Yeah I pulled it out honestly to see about going to a single pin system. They have them where you can dial your yardage on the sight and its on. Its crazy cool. I hadn't bought it but was also kicking around a few other ideas to make it...
  12. Jared77

    Deer Season 2018

    I was going to go out this season with my bow but saw stress fractures along the limbs. Took it to the bow shop and confirmed I was sitting on a time bomb so it's done. Ill get one again at some point but right now that seasons done. Otherwise I'll be out for regular rifle season, and...
  13. Jared77

    Unbelievable Back Pain

    Sounds like you need a CT scan to figure out what's really wrong. At least you'd know what you're up against.
  14. Jared77

    Kissing bugs

    Until we have a bipartisan approach and a willingness to work with our neighboring countries we will not have real comprehensive and lasting immigration reform. I respect anybody who is willing to give so much in order to make a better life. Legal or illegal I don't care quality people are...
  15. Jared77

    When TV Was Free

    Look at digital antennas. You can do a search for where the best signals are broadcast and you aim the antenna that direction which gives you almost all of your local channels for free. Its a 1x purchase too just for the antenna then its simply a cable run into the TV. Just like what antennas...
  16. Jared77

    Becoming A Pyomaniac

    My wife is the wrapping paper aficionado. We have various papers for Christmas etc because 1 paper is "boring". I can't wrap to save my life so I get a few boxes to participate and the rest is all her. And we also have to coordinate ribbons and labels too. Its quite the process
  17. Jared77

    My Rainbow Truck/ update brakes

    That Apache calls to me but Ill never have the disposable income to make it a reality. Ill just admire from here
  18. Jared77

    My Rainbow Truck/ update brakes

    Just looking at options
  19. Jared77

    My Rainbow Truck/ update brakes

    They do a matte finish over the surface to stop further aging. Something to think about...
  20. Jared77

    Becoming A Pyomaniac

    Maybe we should just get him a ball pit to go play in because bubble wraps getting expensive these days.