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  1. lesa


    Happy to report that all is fine with my daughters place and mine, as well. Nerve wracking for sure! Jacksonville looks like it is in for prolonged agony... Good old mother nature!
  2. lesa

    The old man is back

    Hoodat!! So glad to hear from you. I haven't been on much... I see that this is a post from August. Hopefully, by now you have found a place to call home. I sincerely hope they have a little patch of ground that you can call your own.
  3. lesa

    Show us your tomatoes

    Those are some beautiful tomatoes! Nobody wants to see mine. I will be lucky if I can one batch of sauce. Worst gardening year, ever! Will have to keep my eyes open for those Jelly Beans, Digits. I loved the yellow pear, but got tired of all the cracking...
  4. lesa

    My new orchids

    Orchids are the only gardening I have done in Florida. I brought about 6 plants down in my suitcase and tied them to my palm tree. That's it. They are growing now. Still haven't bloomed, but I am sure they will. My daughter has tied them up, and sworn they were dead- only to have them...
  5. lesa

    Hi, Gardening Friends!

    Digits and ninnymary have been nice enough to reach out to me. Last you heard from me I was going to be moving to Florida... I did end up buying a townhouse in West Palm Beach- but I am not living there-yet. I am still gardening in upstate NY. That isn't saying much, this year. We had months...
  6. lesa

    Can anyone identify this beetle?

    I think it is a box elder bug. They feed on rotting wood, etc. I have never seen them hurt veggies or fruit. A bunch of them winter over under my shingles. On the first warm day- out they come. Numerous, but not destructive.
  7. lesa

    Was I Disrespectful To Client

    A contractor once told me a story... he gives an estimate of 10,000.00 for a large project. Customer asks how much less would it be, if my husband helps you. His answer...20,000.00!!
  8. lesa

    What Pest Do Deal With In Garden ?

    Nyboy, are you sure you had peaches on those trees this year? We had something strange happen - and none of our peach trees have any fruit- nor do others in the area. The flowering trees took a beating with the weird spring we had. I have apples and plums- but not a peach in sight.
  9. lesa

    I am going to lose my brother

    So sorry, Cat. You are in my thoughts...
  10. lesa

    1st Garden Run With Truck

    Good heavens, wait until you figure out how many plants and trees you can fit in that thing!! I can't imagine how I ever lived without a truck! Enjoy!
  11. lesa

    Need help on bread

    I do the same as you, Seed. Only I add half white flour and 1/2 whole wheat. Never had a problem with rising. I think you had a problem with your yeast- that was unrelated to the addition of whole wheat flour. Do you let it rise out of the machine for about a 1/2 hour? Love baking bread!
  12. lesa

    Who Has Hummers?

    Better hang the feeder!!
  13. lesa

    To Old Fashion

    Now that is the deal of the century! What beauties!
  14. lesa

    Baymule's 2016 Garden

    Very interesting! What a transformation... I predict a very successful garden this year! I think employing pigs is a great idea. Like Cat, the chickens work my garden some- but nothing like that! Nice dirt and bacon...if that isn't a win-win, I don't know what is.
  15. lesa

    Hooping it Up quietly with Choy

    And here I was proud of myself, that I at least had my seeds! Good for you, Steve. I admire your motivation and your greens!
  16. lesa


    That looks like a nice start!! So much promise...
  17. lesa

    *Gottcha* Birthday Girl Thistlebloom

    Oh no, I am late!! Hope you had a wonderful day! Happy, Happy Birthday!
  18. lesa

    I just had to laugh

    Better to laugh than cry! I would try some chicken wire around that space and see what happens. It will keep rabbits out, at least. Mice you are not going to discourage- but I doubt mice did that thorough of a job! Your friend "Buck" could have helped himself...
  19. lesa

    Valley Ranch it is your day!

    Happy, Happy Birthday!
  20. lesa

    Made out your 2016 lists yet?

    Actually ordered my seeds yesterday, from High Mowing Seeds in Vt. I love their philosophy and their quality. Visited them once years ago- and have been hooked ever since. Always an exciting day, making all those decisions!