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  1. April Manier

    Sweet potatoes........................ GRRRRRR

    Hey there Kassundra, Great to be here again. You should build a mini greenhouse over them. They want A LOT of heat. Just a few pieces of PVC arched over them (you can pound some rebar in to anchor them) with some inexpensive plastic will really help out!
  2. April Manier

    Perennial Kale?

    Lot's of folks keep Kale as a perennial in milder areas. Like you said, transplanting and letting go to seed will do well too. Plants that come up from volunteers will be more hearty and aclimated. You can keep at it until you have produced heartier plants that overwinter!
  3. April Manier

    Permanent fruits

    My first thought was to let those chickens over to that mulberry tree, or even get the coop around it. Mulberries are super messy, but your chickens will thrive in them!
  4. April Manier

    Perennial Shade Plant Suggestions Needed

    I didn't read all 16 pages, so sorry for the repeats: Arbutalon comes in some pretty colors. Monkshood is a lovely blue. Not sure if Rhodies make it there? If you throw Johnny Jump up seed in, it will volunteer every year. Skullcap goes anywhere and is great for tea. Black Cohos likes that...
  5. April Manier

    david austin roses are my current favorites

    I LOVE David Austin roses. What a fabulous idea, "Wow, I love old fashioned roses and their form, but I want them to smell more heavenly, be recurrent bloomers, and be disease resistant. Think I'll devote my life to breeding roses that accomplish just that!" :weee Brilliant !:weee If you...
  6. April Manier

    I Bought a New Book

    The ammonia has readily available nitrogen. Couldn't hurt. Any cool suggestions for deer--other than bullets?
  7. April Manier

    Spring in budding in my yard (pics)

    As usual your pics are great. You have a nice lens. More than that, you have THE EYE. That's something that you just can't fake. My girls have it. They are always getting a strange angles. I do not have it. I see something, run to snap a pic and it's horrible! I have to admit that I...
  8. April Manier

    trampoline chicken coop

    What a clever idea!
  9. April Manier

    Not for the squeemish....

    :yuckyuck I have to admire the Texans for this. When they say they are going to do something, they do it. NOt 12 years of appeals and taxpayer dollars wasted. Harsh as it sounds....
  10. April Manier

    Dealing with Flea Beetles

    ONce we were back east somewhere on the road. We pulled off the highway at a rest stop and decided to camp for the nigh, just out of site. My friend Mariah was a seasoned man from Arkansas and advised us to sleep on the manicured grass, but a young man Flaco who was traveling with us had an...
  11. April Manier

    Talking about Cukes..Armenian Cucumber (Cucumis Melo) Pic's

    YAY! This answers my question about Armenian cucs on a trellis. I'm going vertical where I can for higher yields and less weeding.... Of course every year I claim I will have less weeding. I think this is a fantasy I keep so that I won't quit gardening!:bun :bun :bun
  12. April Manier

    Dealing with Flea Beetles

    I can tell you this about chiggers. Cover with nail polish to suffocate them and don't scratch!:weight
  13. April Manier

    Deer fence for April (pic heavy)

    So correct me if I'm wrong: You went up 5' high with kennel fence and then just ran the wire for the remaining 3 feet?
  14. April Manier

    Dealing with Flea Beetles

    Last year I had a terrible battle with fela beetles. It is now spring and many of you will begin to plant outside. I have written an article on how I vanquished my foe last year. It includes preventative measures that many of you may wish to employ...
  15. April Manier

    Not for the squeemish....

    BayMule I think a thread on butchering chickens. I think lots of folks could use a tutorial.
  16. April Manier

    I just love my rooster

    That is a rooster I would let keep its head.
  17. April Manier

    Come on cukes (RAH RAH)

    You have a long season Hoodat. I start them indoors in like 2 weeks. I've never trellised cucs... I just let them ramble in the bed, but I do Armenian cucs. This year I am being more intensive so going vertical might be good. Do all cucs need to be trellised?
  18. April Manier

    They're here!

    I discovered that I had forgotten to buy Pablano seeds this year when i planted pepper! :ep I found an old pack like 3 years old and planted them. Everything was up and I figured i'd better run to the store. Yesterday I discovered them all up! YAY!!!!!!!
  19. April Manier

    Not for the squeemish....

    Last year we ended up with 3 roosters after buying chicks. 2 of them were obnoxious so with their heads! We kept the little Brahma because he was cute a quiet. But gradually he has grown to think he is "all that." I was spending my time in the pen, never turning my back, and frequently...