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  1. Tutter

    Gorgeous Zinnia! *NEW PICS, POST 1*

    OEGB, I believe that there was an error in packing. I've seen flowers like this. One of my 2 grandmothers grew ones very similar, only they were red. They are very pretty, and I'd definitely take back seeds! Want to trade 4 or 5 for something? :D Thanks for posting these! :)
  2. Tutter

    Making jam question

    I've never had strawberry-blueberry jam, but it sounds wonderful! Enjoy! :)
  3. Tutter

    When is the best time to plant onions and garlic?

    In the summer, next year. :) (What type of container?)
  4. Tutter

    How can I fix my soil so my beans and cukes stop getting diseased?

    Oh yes, I was born and raised there! :coolsun I do know their schools, but I went to Cherimoya Elementary School, west of you. Then Le Conte Jr. High, which has changed markedly. My dh, who also was born and raised there, went to different schools yet, but at that time they had busing for...
  5. Tutter


    Yep, we've had to relocate skunks (and other critters, too.) before. We've use bamboo poles through the cage, and each hold an end to move the cage. It worked well. Better than the times the dogs have cornered them. :rolleyes:
  6. Tutter

    ohh I blew it.. but

    I'm sorry, I don't know why I saw ds, rather than dh. That's what I get for posting at 4 in the morning, I gues. :rolleyes: Go for it, what could it hurt? :) As for your dh, the best of luck. It's not easy to get through all the red tape when it comes to disabilities sometimes. :hugs
  7. Tutter

    ? about processing jam

    Kind of like the paraffin method. :)
  8. Tutter

    Guinea Wasps

    I'll have to look Guinea Wasps, I don't know them by that name. What an interesting method; thank you!
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    What OaklandCityFarmer said is very important, because they are one of the top carriers of rabies, at least in this state. If you are wondering, put out some raw chicken; they'll be there. Better yet, get a live trap and put chicken in it. Make sure it's large enough for an adult skunk. You can...
  10. Tutter

    Lawn Top Dressing

    :yuckyuck I remember when they began playing the BBC show on our L.A. PBS station, in the late 70's. I never missed an episode; I loved it! :)
  11. Tutter

    Cherry trees

    That, and to remove dead wood, and to get good air circulation. Also, it helps with pest control. I have standard apples, dwarf pears etc. and they all get pruned. But, as you say, in the winter. :)
  12. Tutter

    What did you can (freeze, dehydrate, preserve) today?

    Thank you, Blurose! With my trees, this sounds like just what I should be making as gifts. What a great idea! :) I'll definitely head on over to that site. Thanks again! :)
  13. Tutter

    Oh boy !! It's ......***UPDATE ADDED*** reply #11

    Well, if you go and live with, Adeledamate, then you have to take side trips up here, too. We're in the same state, so that shouldn't be difficult to arrange! :D Oh, what beautiful photos; I'm swooning here! :) I'm so glad that you can send those to your son! Beets are one thing I have...
  14. Tutter

    What did you pick today?

    I hope it's a trip for pleasure. May your travels be safe ones! :)
  15. Tutter

    "Hawaii" tomatoes...

    Is this it? Tomato
  16. Tutter

    What did you pick today?

    It won't hurt anything to try, Blurose. Many rats eat hot peppers, (ours did.) but maybe your squirrels don't. :)
  17. Tutter

    Tomato Worms

    You're not, Dace. Part of growing without stress, and as people have for the eons, is learning that: #1 ~ It's okay if everything's not perfect. A few holes in the leaves are fine. #2 It's okay to share, within' reason, with other critters. I mean, how many billions of bugs are there per...
  18. Tutter

    Pear tree problem.

    Are those bugs, as well, that I see? Rather, their webs?
  19. Tutter

    Seed questions.

    My experience has been yes and no, also. I, too, have found that a Danver Half Long, is a Danver Half Long, is a Danver Half Long, in most catalogs. However, that said, you have to firstly read verrrry carefully. Let's say that you are looking for, Rugged Jack kale, that you remembered having...
  20. Tutter

    How can I fix my soil so my beans and cukes stop getting diseased?

    Have you tried bringing in soil for a raised planter area, and see how they do with foreign soil? Sometimes it can become contaminated, sometimes not. Did I once hear you say that you were in the Los Feliz area? That would be anywhere from Western, to what, Brand or so? Which end are you on...