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    One-Year (Annual) Fruits?

    :lol: Yes, I know about strawberries. I guess I forgot to list them because I was only thinking of fruits that are typically grown from seed.
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    One-Year (Annual) Fruits?

    Can you recommend any annual fruits that I can grow in my garden in one year? I know about melons, ground cherries, and huckleberries. Any new ideas?
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    Side dressing fruit trees?

    I would be concerned that there might be noxious weed seeds in the manure that didn't get killed off. You could have a serious weed problem if there is.
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    To Start Seeds Inside or Direct Sow?

    What is your preffered method of propogation? Start inside or direct sow? Are there any plants that need to be started inside?
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    Care of Bare Rooted Plants?

    Who is the seller? I've bought strawberries on eBay before, so I might know a little about them. The best thing I can recommend is planting them in slightly damp saw dust, and leaving them in a sheltered area where it is cold enough to keep them from coming out of dormancy before they are...
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    almond tree, how old until first harvest

    It depends on how big/old they are when you plant them. If the trees are big enough, they could produce the first year.
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    Vegetable Garden Layout

    I was thinking, instead of having my vegetable garden in rows to orient it like this instead: With a different vegetable in each block. Would that work alright?
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    Book Recommendation

    I would like to recommend the book The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan. It is made up of different books by Storey Publishing edited into one convenient, one stop guide. It has a very nice gardening section, a section on fruit and nut trees, and an animal section with instructions on...
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    My Seed Order

    This is my seed order: From Pinetree Garden Seeds: Purple Trionfo Violetto Beans Bright Lights Chard Pinetree Lettuce Mix Eight Ball Zucchini Scallop Sunburst Squash Carnival Acorn Squash Jarrahdale Winter Squash (Pumpkin) Gardener's Delight Tomato Minnesota Midget Melon Rouge Vif D'Etampes...
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    Help sick mango tree

    I would think that it might be the humidity. Looking at the tank, it seems very dry. Mangoes typically live in tropical environments (hot and humid). I would try increasing the humidity. If that doesn't work, try increasing the heat too.
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    Does this make sense to you? It doesn't to me

    Straight from the Park Seed Website
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    Sandhill Preservation

    Has anyone ordered seeds from them? How was the quality? Shipping time?
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    goji berries

    I've eaten these. The Whole Foods store here has them dried. They didn't taste great, kind of like cranberries, tart and kind of bitter, but not bad with a little sugar. I had them mainly in oatmeal, and a little sugr takes the edge off of them. If they weren't as healthy as they are supposed...
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    free trees from arbor day?

    It looks like you will have them in February: 02/1204/30 Check the Spring Shipping Dates.
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    free trees from arbor day?

    Also, because they only ship dormant, they have a set shipping schedule:
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    free trees from arbor day?

    I just got them in November, they were small, and dormant when I got them (Arbor Day only ships dormant trees). These are a mixture: oak, maple, pine, fir, dogwood. I got some 2 years ago from the Arbor Day foundation, and I transplanted them. They were pretty well branched, but still small...
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    free trees from arbor day?

    Here are mine that I got from the Arbor Day Foundation. They are small, but a great deal. **Only the ones in the Orange Juice Cartons. The ones in the black are Red Currants that I ordered somewhere else. I just got these In November of 2009.
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    Choices farmers have to make, you chose

    Most of those also apply to the average zoo. With comparisons that broad, and logic that obscure, you can relate just about anything.
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    It is 2010 here, doesn't seem too bad! :ya
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    Is 2010 Scary? :hide Happy New Year! :weee May your next gardening and growing season be the best ever! :rainbow-sun :throw :tools :happy_flower :ya :thumbsup