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  1. Buff Shallots

    Overwintering Gerber Daisies

    I kept a potted gift gerbera daisy indoors over the winter. It survived in a cool, north facing window (but didn't flower). I put it outside on the deck when warm weather came, and it thrived and flowered. It did dry up every other day and wilt though. I plan on overwintering it again this...
  2. Buff Shallots

    Come on, people, I need your photos!

    I have a bunch of garden photos on my Easy Garden personal page. Would those be eligible?
  3. Buff Shallots

    Best Days Of The Month by the Farmer's Almanac

    Pat, does it tell which days are best to send screamy child to scared-straight boot camp?
  4. Buff Shallots

    Thread for Whining About The Weather

    Poor Patandchickens - I'm positive that you would do a better job of managing the weather! Don't get mad at me, but our weather has been very tomato-friendly. Should I take this to a different thread?
  5. Buff Shallots

    An official name for this rose?.....

    When I first saw the photo, I thought "gallica". Definitely an heirloom rose, given how long it's been there. It's very flashy.
  6. Buff Shallots

    cold weather vegetables

    Here's a link to a chart telling you all the things you could plant in late summer or fall: The veggies aren't as exciting and fun as tomatos and cute little green beans though...
  7. Buff Shallots

    A Garlic question w/picks

    Rockytopsis, are you asking whether single-clove bulbs are normal? And what those small brown attachments are? I'm not sure about either question. But maybe the answer lies in the variety the garlic is. Do you remember what it was, or where you got it?
  8. Buff Shallots

    garlic(if its not an herb, its close enough)

    If the seeds are an irregular shape (not perfectly round) and shiny black, they may be chive, shallot or scallion seeds. Most people don't let their allium (i.e. onion, garlic, shallot) plants develop flower stalks (which in the autumn die back into a head of seeds) because it saps energy...
  9. Buff Shallots

    garlic(if its not an herb, its close enough)

    I think the confusing thing is your saying "seeds". The preferred way to grow garlic is to take a large bulb, divide it up into individual cloves, and plant each individual clove. It then grows into another large bulb during the course of nine months. I'm not sure why you would want to...
  10. Buff Shallots

    Monster in my garden (pics)!!

    Where'd you get that miniature dollar bill?
  11. Buff Shallots

    Dendrobium new growth?

    Aren't those called "keiki's"? I'd let them grow a few more roots, then pot 'em up by themselves. Congrats on the babies.
  12. Buff Shallots

    garlic recommendations

    Territorial Seed Company out of Oregon just came out with their 2008 Winter Catalog. I highly recommend it if you want to extend your growing season later into fall / winter with protection. ( One garlic I recommend is Chrysalis Purple. For me (in Zone 7 coastal...
  13. Buff Shallots

    Composting chicken poo?

    We have four chickens, and last year, we started out composting the pine shavings mixed with chicken poo from the coop. But we found the shavings just would not break down, even after adding nitrogen supplements and compost bio-excelerator powder many times. I also stir the compost deeply with...
  14. Buff Shallots

    These are Pansies, right?

    If I remember my lessons correctly, both violets and pansies belong to the same family "Viola". I believe that family returns year after year through casting their seeds, rather than having roots that throw up new growth like a perennial does. By the way, gorgeous pics! ! !
  15. Buff Shallots

    The Official Carrot Thread

    Well, the final result is that I have about 25 viable carrot seedlings at the very first leaf stage here on June 14 (after thinning) in two rows. This is after giving up on having six rows of carrots. I have now devoted the other row space to leftover squash and basil seedlings. Here's a pic...
  16. Buff Shallots

    Gardening magazine?

    Reinbeau, for being a Moderator, you sure are feisty. You better re-anchor your appointed halo. Just fun meant, have a great weekend - and good weather. Buff
  17. Buff Shallots

    TheEasyGarden Member Titles! **Voting Closed....Stay Tuned!**

    DrakeMaiden, I believe it was Buff Allium whateveritwasii!
  18. Buff Shallots

    Gardening magazine?

    I did mean chickens, but I think I'm just gardened-out. Mad that my carrots won't germinate and that I am at the office instead of being home, enjoying watching the tomatos grow (and the carrots not germinate). Edited to sound not so cranky.
  19. Buff Shallots

    TheEasyGarden Member Titles! **Voting Closed....Stay Tuned!**

    Nothing is worse than the bending over bloomer lady wood cutout figures. Gross.