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    Indoor Container Herb Garden

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    Nice looking garden!
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    The Little Greenhouse That Could.

    I'm going to show my DFiance' this thread!
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    To pinch or not pinch strawberry blossoms..Here's my answer...

    I've ordered the wild stawberry from Bakers Creek - Red I to treat these the same way - pinch the first year? I have never grown strawberries before.
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    Free carrot seeds, Bakers Creek

    I ordered from Baker Creek this year for the first time. My free packet was flowers - Love In A Mist.
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    Fruit Flies!

    Now I've got to try that one - sounds good - My tall children and my jumping cats wouldn't have to get stuck in my fly tapes. :rolleyes:
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    Fruit Flies!

    Fly Sticky Tape works wonderful, also.
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    More rabbits! Rabbits plural. Many many many rabbits

    Yeah, enuff said -- my cat just got run over a few eves ago. My brother used to have dogs on his 'lil peice of land, coyotes got to them. He now has a cat -- onery young stray it is, it doesn't trust anyone but my brother. I do not know how the young tom has stayed alive for two years, my...
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    More rabbits! Rabbits plural. Many many many rabbits

    If you/others in your home aren't allergic to cats............... ;) Cat/Predator Rabbit/Prey You will only need 1 predator (cat) for the entire prey (rabbit) population. ;)
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    Whew, just braved the yellow jackets ...

    I still would, if I could find some. Pears just don't taste right when they're ripe.
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    Whew, just braved the yellow jackets ...

    When I was a young girl, I thought ripe pears were rotten, because they were soft. I always ate the pears off the huge, old pear tree out in the cow field. I thought pears were supposed to be crunchy and tart. :rolleyes: I remember one time in elementary school, I saw a pear while at school...
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    Bee experts? What kind of bees are these?

    That wanna-be-a-bee "bee" isn't a bee at all. Hoverfly is what it's called-harmless.
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    Am I the only nutbag who does this?

    I also keep all my ideas, tips, pics of plants, info, etc. in my yard file. I also have a file for my house, one for rabbits, one for fowl, one for guinea pigs, and one for my flower/vegie/fruit garden. :rose :dance My family kinda thinks I went overboard, but I just showed them this thread -...
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    fruit fly control in kitchen

    Fly paper gets hung. I hang my fly paper off the ceiling where my children won't walk into it face first, and get it stuck all over their heads. My oldest is 6'6, next is 6'4, and all the others will probably as tall.
  15. country freedom

    fruit fly control in kitchen

    I get those Fruit flies every year! The only thing i have found that works are those fly sticky paper that you can buy for cheap. I do not allow anything poisonous inside/outside my home to be used for killng any insecet or animal. They come with tacks and are in a box rolled up. I love'em.
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    Gorgeous Zinnia! *NEW PICS, POST 1*

    Eye Candy! :rose :rainbow-sun
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    Gardening Catalogs

    I used to order catalogs and just look at them because where I lived and who I was with I wasn't able to do ANY gardening at all. For me, catalogs meant future dreams only, being patient in the present was necessary. They, (and my 6 children), also kept me sane, because living with In-laws and...
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    New Forum Moderator For TheEasyGarden

    Alright! :rose! Reinbeau's perfect for this! :dance!