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  1. aftermidnight

    2021 Little Easy Bean Network - Bean Lovers Come Discover Something New !

    i'm still around, but am slowly going down hill, still once in awhile i come here to see what you guys are up to :). Annette
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    most likely the variety "Arp" '
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    Merry Christmas Eve! :)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, from our house to yours. Annette
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    What Movie?

    i don't know about xmas but boxing day about 7pm i settle down with with a turkey sandwich and pickled onions preferably pickled in malt vinegar and watch holiday inn. have done this for years. Annette
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    2020 Little Easy Bean Network - An Exciting Adventure In Heirloom Beans !

    uzice was a fairly strong climber for me, i grew it in 2012 grew at least 6' annette
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    covid has hit the central island finally, 4 cases in our local hospital and many more elsewhere, if only people would follow a few simple rules :rant . Annette
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    still hanging in, had another MRI a couple of weeks ago nothing's changed so that's. encouraging . Another in about 4 months, that's about 14 I've had since diagnosed in 2017. since the beginning of the year here in B.C. we don't even have to pay premiums anymore, thank s to our medical system. :).
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    for a really hardy rosemary make sure you get the variety ARP i have a huge bush now it has survived winters where the temps dipped below 0 ºF for over a week. Annette
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    just heard on the news last night our local hospital is now clear of any covid cases. our fed. goverment has on order enough vaccine to vaccinate every single Canadian plus some to share with others if needed. i've had shingles 4 times, my GP sent me for the vaccine. anyone who has had chicken...
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    well it has hit here on the island and after we were doing so well :rant masks are pretty much mandatory, we've been warned to stay in our own little bubbles, so far it's on the honor system :fl. Annette
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    It'just hit our hospital here, only one ward so far, four cases have tested positive. I was in day care last Sunday for treatment which is next door to the unit in question, fingers crossed. it's been detected in a couple of schools too, time to shut things down again. Please take care of...
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    weed id, how many do you have in your yard/gardens?

    i went to the pharmacy and asked for a big hypodermic needle the biggest they had,then double gloved i let the stems have a nice dose of roundup. works like a charm even on blackberries. Annette
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    The mill where my dh worked for over 30 years is working overtime to make the pulp that is used to make the protective masks and gowns used in this panidemic, the only one as far as I know. A lot of it has and still is being sent state side kudos to HARMAC PACIFIC. We may agree to disagree on...
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    i'll say again....WEAR A MASK, WASH HANDS FREQUENTLY, SOCIAL DISTANCING AND CARRY A HAND SANITIZER IN YOUR PURSE OR POCKET. I'm in the position now where i have a health care attendant come in every morning to get me ready for the day. my daughter who is a business owner has brought me bags of...
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    Official TEG Poll: Which is your favorite Summer Flower to plant?

    i have lots of favorites but in these times i love my perennial asters, not only are my favorite colors they help the honey bees top up with winter around the corner. there are varieties that bloom right through the summer and into the fall until a killing frost. Annette
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    Wishing Aftermidnight a Happy Birthday

    thanks for all the BD wishes, had steak and lobster for dinner, thanks to our dear daughter. She picked it up from our favorite restaurant and brought it over. Annette
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    just checking in

    :hugs get better soon. Annette
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    We are still doing pretty good here on V. Island but the numbers are starting to go up due to some stupid people refusing to follow the simple rules. i was just in hospital for a day surgery, not a single case of covid but then they are pretty much on a lock down. No visitors allowed, hard to...
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    Hello from Ohio - Zone 6a/5b

    Darn, somehow i deleted half my message. We are one big happy family here with the exceptions of one or two crabbies which does include me :rant:lol:. Annette
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    Hello from Ohio - Zone 6a/5b

    WELCOME from Vancouver Island B.C, I'm not on here very much any more because of health problems but I love reading what you are all up to. You are going to love it here, one big happy family with the exception of one or two crabbies, yes this includes me :rant:lol: Annette