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  1. ticks

    Homemade Hot sauce my revised recipe.

    you need 12 peppers. I have: It will be bright green green cherry hots jalepeno hungarian wax the ingerdients: 12 peppers chopped 1 clove of garlic 1 small tomato diced or chopped 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp sugar directions 1. Chop the peppers into little circular pieces...
  2. ticks

    Great Visit From OaklandCityFarmer

    YES I see mod!
  3. ticks

    Upstate New York

    I'm Northern Vermont
  4. ticks

    This ought to be a good one.....who is from BYC??

    I belive I said SOO many not too many. :cool:
  5. ticks

    What did you pick today?

    I picked half a dozen peppers
  6. ticks


    Only about 1,200 to go nifty!
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    New avatar

    How you like it? It is my pheasant chicks in their new run.
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    A chat like BYC.
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    Ready to pick soon? *PICS*

    I am waiting for more to mature to start my hot sauce. I have had peppers for 4 years. Unfortunatley the last 2 years they were wiped out by winds. I have been making hot sauce from farmer's market peppers.
  10. ticks

    When do you harvest cilantro? *PIC*

    here is a pic of it.
  11. ticks

    Ready to pick soon? *PICS*

    Here are some of my pepper plants with fruit on them already: Can you help tell me when the are ready some of them I am not sure if the turn red or yellow, so I don't want them to go to waste if I am waiting for them to turn red but are really ready to pick. Cherry hot??? Jalepeno Chili...
  12. ticks

    Pepper plants with spots?

    The spots have pretty much gone away, and no they weren't moving.
  13. ticks

    I have way to many weeds!

    I have a medium sized garden that I weed almost everyday.
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    This ought to be a good one.....who is from BYC??

    I am ticks. I used to have checkforticks1700 for both but I thought it was stupid so now I am ticks!
  15. ticks

    Blue Spruce

    about 10-12 inches :P