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    Most weeds are annuals, and many of them can do through two whole life cycles in 90 days or less, so I try to pull them before the seed heads mature. This helps keep them from spreading even faster. I have read that some people put down black plastic early in the spring to warm the soil and...
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    My absense - and beware, truly, of the deer tick!

    Oh gosh Ann - that's so scary! My husband was just diagnosed with it as well; he went to the doctor as soon as the rash appeared. He'll be on antibiotics for three weeks. And no rash, so you had no idea, even more frightening. I know it doesn't appear in all cases and the early symptoms are...
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    Your best gardening investment?

    Rain Barrels! Our water rates are really high.
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    I give up!

    I hear 'ya! After several failed attempts I finally came to the conclusion that as much as I love eating root crops like radishes, carrots and salad turnips I don't enjoy growing them. I think for me the "one seed one vegetable" thing is part of it and the soil is so rocky in New England...
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    I HATE my lawn. Lawnmower question.

    We ripped out our front lawn and replaced it with groundcover and shrubs, and I have to say I'm really glad we did. Lawns just suck up water and resources, in my town all of my neighbors have golf course size lawns that are never used. And the noise from the mow-n-blow lawn service guys is...
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    caster beans as a 'fence'?

    I use them as container plants to minimize the dangerous aspects others have mentioned. They are very dramatic and showy.
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    Shrub needed that blooms in mid March in zone 6/7

    I was also thinking Forsythia, although it spreads really fast via suckers and it needs to be cut back yearly to be manageable, so if the recipient is not likely to do that I'd get something else. Euphorbia Serrata (also called Cushion Spurge) is an early spring perennial in our zone 6 garden...
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    Update - I've got sprouts! Sewing Diva's asparagus

    Oh Ann I feel horrible for you! Truthfully I have no aspagragus skill and I think its just beginners luck. We have it in a raised bed about 1 foot tall that does drain really well, so maybe that has helped us a bit (although we cheated by filling it with trucked in loam.) Phyllis
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    How is your garden doing so far?

    The hoops are 3/4 inch PVC pipe. There are 4 inch vertical posts insside each bed, and when my husband built the beds he fastened lengths of 2 inch PVS pipe to each post. So I just bend the PVC pipe into the holders. The pipe is easy to cut as well with special PVC pipe cutter. Our raised...
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    How is your garden doing so far?

    It been colder this year than last; the forsythias just bloomed and they are about 2-3 weeks behind their usual bloom time. Rain has been good, we set up our rain barrels last week and the four of them are already filled to capacity. I have peas, kale, mizuna, swiss chard and broccoli raab in...
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    I had a Marthas Stewart Moment

    God you make me laugh..! You have no idea how many times I have quoted you (always with attribution of course) on your description of MySpace ("its like walking into a teenagers room, the music is always too loud, you can't find you're looking for and there is crud everywhere.") :lol: Phyllis
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    I had a Marthas Stewart Moment

    Our asparagus has come up (planted it last year) and I wated to keep the chickens out of the bed, so I made a twig fence from green branches and old bamboo stakes. Its really just a visual barrier and fortunately our chickens are not smart enough to attempt getting through it. I also wanted a...
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    What is the Best Starter Pot for Seedlings?

    I use yogurt containers in the small size and drill holes in the bottom.
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    lifespan of pine raised beds?

    Thre is a color difference too; we have beds made from both. We have an aspragus bed made from fir that has weathered to a soft grey shade; our trex beds will have not faded and are still their original redish brown color. Both are fine, Phyllis
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    How early do I start Peas?

    I planted some yesterday (Feb 28) Phyllis
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    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    Last week I started Kale, Mizuna, Broccoli Raab and Chard in the garage and manged to get some peas in the ground today because the soil was warn enough to work. A Nor'Easter is on they way though for Sunday night! Phyllis
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    Homemade seedling pots...

    I just save small yogurt containers and drill holes in the bottom.
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    Raised beds, watering system & pavers are finished

    I just updated my original post on page one of this post to include a link to my blog, you can download instructions for building this rain water collection system. Phyllis
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    Raised Garden... Almost Done! (Updated Photos 3/5/09)

    Beautiful! Just beautiful. And your coop looks familiar too, I think I've seen it on the Small Coops page on BYC! Phyllis
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    How well does companion planting work in terms of space?

    I cpmpletely agree with DraekMaiden, this is exactlty what we do as well. Anonther big benefit we noticed with companion planting is that it atracts a ton of benfical insects, and I think this is simply because the garden is more diverse. Last year I had no problem with tomato hornworms; the...