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  1. micga7

    Tree with Leaves on Thorns

    Most citrus trees have thorns as well as mesquite. You will have to see if the leaves have a citrusy smell.
  2. micga7

    I need a hoop house!

    Does any one have any insight into this hoop house? I just want something to help extend my season a bit.
  3. micga7

    What's Bloomin'

    picked some flowers for myself
  4. micga7

    What's Bloomin'

    Variety of glads that turned up, this one is my favorite
  5. micga7

    What's Bloomin'

    My cosmos are stealing the show
  6. micga7

    Pretty flowers my mom grew!

    Wow! That potting shed is awesome.
  7. micga7

    Fire Weed and ?

    Yes, that second one looks like a wild lupine. So pretty.
  8. micga7

    New member!!

    Hey y’all! I’m in Texas, Texas panhandle area. I garden in zone 6B on a one acre plot. It’s a new home site, so fresh slate. Nothing but weeds and dirt to start. I’ve been at this site since 2016 so I’ve got a bit of a start