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  1. Accidental goat mom

    Clematis advice

    Thanks for all the info. It does bloom on new growth I do know that. Since it is toxic to naughty goat I think I will cut it. I know it is group 2 or 3...if i have to wait a year or two for it to bloom again i can live with that...better than a dead goat.
  2. Accidental goat mom

    Clematis advice

    I have two beautiful clematis growing in my back flower bed. Neither is flowering any more. The problem is my darn baby goat is an escape artist and is obsessed with my clematis. If I cut them back now...we will get frost within a month since this is Wisconsin...will it kill the Clematis...
  3. Accidental goat mom

    Hello from northeast Wisconsin!

    The cheese makes it all worth while. Lol. Been down south and out west...not to hurt anyone's feelings but Wisconsin cheese is the best...the weather...meh it needs some work from November thru May...well the mosquitoes are bad in June, and horse and deer flies are awful in July and...
  4. Accidental goat mom

    The evil weed...looking for an actual name for it.

    So, we have been working for years to eradicate this weed. Around here they call it burn nettle, but that isn't it's real name. My husband can pull it with minimal reaction, but I get itchy water blisters from It! The stuff is awful. Can someone help me identify it. Thanks!
  5. Accidental goat mom

    Chickens for bug control and food recycling.

    I gave up a small space in my flower garden for my chickens. Not sure why they love that spot but they dust bathe in it daily...whatever I plant there they dig out...but if I leave that spot they leave the rest of the bed alone other than to eat bugs...and maybe scratch a bit...but not enough...
  6. Accidental goat mom

    Hello from northeast Wisconsin!

    Looking forward to meeting fellow gardeners and learning new things. Hoping this site will help me identify weeds (which I have never really worried about before) to keep my baby goat safe. We currently own 5 horses, a bunch of chickens and ducks, 10 cats (all fixed and have shots...8 are house...