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  1. peeps7

    DOG ate my tree!! pics added!!

    I feel your pain, my stinkin American bulldog pulled up a nice little tree that I transplanted out of the woods. It was doing great and then ding-dong ad to pull it up and eat it. :barnie Anyways, I would try to save it, I like oddly shaped trees though, lol. :rainbow-sun
  2. peeps7

    Hydrangea Blossoms.

    Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, unfortunatly I haven't been able to keep one alive here. (Dogs)
  3. peeps7

    Welcome BYC Friends!

    Lots and lots of members will be coming, especially since spring is here. :rose :watering
  4. peeps7

    How big is your garden?

    Wow, ya'll have BIG gardens. I was just going to do a 20' x 27' veggie garden but I think I'm gonna have to bump that up to a 50' x 50' garden, lol. My flower beds on the other hand are huge, I have about 6-7 huge flower gardens. I also have a lily pond in the middle of one of the gardens (the...
  5. peeps7

    Has anyone tried this???

    I don't have a compost pile but I do get wild cantoloupe and watermelon every year. They taste delicious and they just grow wild. :idunno
  6. peeps7

    New Fruit Trees

    I have a pineapple pear tree that bears DELICIOUS fruit every fall. You will be happy with that little tree, ours is about 6-7 years old.
  7. peeps7

    Some pics of our yard, chickens, and dog. (Picture Heavy)

    Awwwww, I love Cody!! I have a toy poodle who I love. My tulips haven't bloomed yet, they are still coming up. :smack
  8. peeps7

    Who do you like for berry plants?

    You can try, I like them alot. They sell fruit roots and all kinds of bulbs. :happy_flower
  9. peeps7

    first crocuses of the year *PICS ADDED [crocus, flooding]*

    Wow, pretty flowers and ALOT of water, lol. :watering
  10. peeps7

    We went SHOPPING!! Pic included!

    AWESOME!!! Great, now I have to go shopping as soon as this sicky goes away, lol. :P
  11. peeps7

    Container Gardening

    Looks like it would work nicely, I've never grown veggies in a tub but it sounds like a good idea. :P Good luck!!! :watering
  12. peeps7

    dogs vs lawn

    Bermuda does well but it is a pain in the butt to get out of your gardens.
  13. peeps7

    The problem with winter gardening. . .

    It's been warm here too. We would still have tomatoes but I pulled them up and gave them to the chickens. :)
  14. peeps7


    I really can't afford the NICE tillers so I use a weed eater attachment that does REALLY well. It is less expensive and gets the job done, tho it is more work. :rolleyes:
  15. peeps7

    Do you cook some of your garden produce for the hens?

    I usually give them to my chickens raw. They like them like that. I plan to grow stuff for THEM in my garden this coming year.
  16. peeps7


    YAY!!! :rose :bouquet :dance :happy_flower :throw :bee :coolsun :mow :rainbow-sun :tools :watering :weight
  17. peeps7

    What a great place!!!

    This is a good site!!!!! :)
  18. peeps7

    The Easy Garden

    Roses Daylilies Cactus (The MEAN kind, the one that sticks in you and you don't know it until later)
  19. peeps7

    What is this...

    :lau :gig :lau :gig :lau :gig :lau :gig :lau :gig