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  1. warmfuzzies

    Anyone grow Sun Berries?

    Are they the same type of thing as huckleberries or wonderberries? They are in the tomatoe family, and they are supposed to taste somewhat like blueberries. I have four of them under lights right now, and let me tell you they GROW! :D
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    :ya:weee :woot I have the first green in my garden! The peas are popping up!! :ya Why am I even excited? I hate peas, they are for Dh and DD.... It must just be that green. :lol: I planted 160 ft.... think that will do it???? :ep
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    I live at 4000 ft, but our last frost date is the 31st of April or so. I have started planting out our tomatoes, since we only have two weeks to go and this whole next week is supposed to have lows above 40. Our soil temps are already high, they always are before the last frost. They have...
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    The Community Garden Project - The Easy Garden Community WEIGHS In!

    I ned to add up my expenses now becasue I THINK I am done buying things for this years garden. :) I have lots of tomato and pepper plants doing very nicely, and I am planting potatoes and peas outside. It will be at least a month before I can start adding any thing in black to my records. :)
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    Less Toxic Insecticides

    Wow guys this is great info! Thanks! I think it should be a sticky. :)
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    Potatoes in weird weather

    Give them awhile yet, I think mine took 6 weeks last year. Maybe just plant them a little later next year. You could also dig gently around in there and see how they look, you won't hurt them if you are gentle because they have big sprouts.
  7. warmfuzzies

    PICS ADDED--My tomatoes are getting wilty and look burnt

    Actually that made me feel even better. :) It looks nothing like any of those pictures, and there are several other symptoms that are different- the upper leaves are affected first, unlike wilts and blights, and the wilting happened long before the discoloration. Thank you so much!!
  8. warmfuzzies

    PICS ADDED--My tomatoes are getting wilty and look burnt

    Thanks Steve I was hoping to hear from you. ;) I water them from the bottom most of the time. The top soil was bagged, so it was very dark and rich, it wasn't from my own garden. It hasn't seemed to be compacting. It very likely could be a lack of water, we have had very low humidity here...
  9. warmfuzzies

    PICS ADDED--My tomatoes are getting wilty and look burnt

    Here is a picture of one of the leaves, see how it is dry on the ends. this leaf is aboout 1 1/4 inches acorss. I just noticed this morning that they have slight yellow spots. Only one tray seems ho have a problem, so I would think it would be environmental, not from to soil, since...
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    PICS ADDED--My tomatoes are getting wilty and look burnt

    My tomato plants are getting wilty leaves that are now starting to get dry and crunchy on the ends. They look almost burnt on the ends. An now they are starting to be yellowed too. They are tall, healthy plants, about 3-4 weeks old, that have been potted up once, into topsoil. They were...
  11. warmfuzzies

    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    We finally got the tractor ready so Saturday we got tha ground worked. Today I planted two 30ft rows each of peas and potatoes, and got my Wall-O-Waters all set up. I have never tried them before, does anyone have any experience with them?
  12. warmfuzzies

    Hardest weed to get rid off.

    I agree with both of these, but I think I, too, give bindweed the final vote. :) I also hate those small stickers that are covered with bristles. They have some kind of poison in them and they hurt even after you have pulled them out. But, of course, I can't remember what they are called...
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    Hardening Off

    Yeah I have been leaving mine inside, we are souther and easter even then you, and it has been really bad out here. Supposed to gust up to 50 today. :( :lol: I don't think those are words.... oh well.
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    my tomatoes are always lame!

    OK I forgot to look at location, just zone. Listen to Steve he knows more then me. :lol: Maybe the tomatoes are too hot in the foil and stuff. They also need air circulation don't they? Steve?? :) I am just AMAZED at how green it is!! :ep It is NEVER that green here. I mean, really...
  15. warmfuzzies

    Whats your favorite veggie

    ahhhh you are right I stand corrected. :lol:
  16. warmfuzzies

    my tomatoes are always lame!

    How warm is your day-time and nuight-tiume temps? You want to make sure your temps are always over 40 before you set out tomatoes. If its warm enough to plant seedlings, its warm enough to plant seeds. Just plant them like you would inside. Tomateos are weeds, they want to grow. I would...
  17. warmfuzzies

    Storing potatoes

    You don't want potatoes in your attic. That is slightly cool, dry storage, great for onions and pumpkins. I have pumpkins in my attic from last september that are still good. You want cold (or cool) moist storage for potatoes. 80% humidity, close to freezing is what I read. But that is...
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    Whats your favorite veggie

    Wow, I have no idea. Winte squash, probably, and also cucumbers and grean beans and broccoli.... I love all veggies. Actually there are only two kinds I dislike, and i can't even swallow them... peas and lima beans. Other then that, I love them all. BUT lets don't forget the fruits that...
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    tomato plants from seeds

    I planted mine outside when they were only 2 inches tall and just had their fist set of true leaves. They did fine, you just have to harden them off well and make sure they are well protected form ANY wind, since they are so small. I put mine inside 5 gallon buckets with the bottoms cut off...
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    my tomatoes are always lame!

    80+ in the daytime is pretty warm for seedlings. I would at least vent it so they have a cool breeze. Can't you plant them outside now in zone 8 though? My friend in TX is in zone 8 and she just planted out all of her tomatoes and peppers. I would try to save your little seedlings, and...