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  1. Tony O

    Safe or Not

    All that extra wood sure would make a nice greenhouse. :celebrate
  2. Tony O

    Official Poll: What is the #1 pest/problem in your garden?

    Cool & wet (most of) this summer, but didn't see more than a few. Maybe last winter helped rid us of some too. I've still got a trap ready if needed. :fl Edited to add . . . Now if they would just come up with a June bug trap. :thumbsup
  3. Tony O

    Official Poll: What is the #1 pest/problem in your garden?

    Bermuda grass. :he . I include all of the above, but Bermuda grass is the worst. For those having so many problems with the Jap beetles, I know what you're going through. They were my #1 pest, closely followed by grasshoppers. I keep hearing pros and cons about the beetle traps. Well let me...
  4. Tony O

    Official Poll: What do you spend the most on in your garden?

    Wow! I wasn't thinking about that w_r_ranch. I wonder if I can change my answer to other. I wasn't thinking about how much fuel cost to heat the greenhouse all winter. :barnie
  5. Tony O

    Anyone Ever Order From Willis Orchard Co ?

    You may be better off going through one of your local nurseries and see about having them special order one for you. ;) They'll know who to talk to and what to ask for to get exactually what you want. If they can get one through one of their regular suppliers, the shipping would be absorbed...
  6. Tony O

    Bed Bugs

    . What? :ep bed bugs & gardening? Well, I guess one could take a bed out under a shade tree by the garden to use for an after noon nap when working in the garden. If it stayed there for very long, I'm sure it would have some type of bugs in it sooner or later. Maybe a different type, but...
  7. Tony O

    Incubating ducks and chicken eggs together?

    If you gotta put both duck and chicken eggs in the same incubator, I would do both at the same time. Not to much humidy for the chicken eggs that way. The chicks would hatch a week ahead of the ducks. They'd add humidy when hatching, about the right time to start raising it for the duck eggs...
  8. Tony O

    Portable Thermostat Control - ARE THESE ANY GOOD

    I got a small, plug in type as a back up on a heater. It should come on at about 38*f if the other one fails for any reason. :idunno I don't have any thing to say about it yet as it haven't been needed yet.
  9. Tony O

    Anyone have Guinea Fowl?

    They will eat bees at the hive. If the hive is raised up off the ground, maybe 4 or 5 feet they can't get to them. Or it can be enclosed by about 10' from the hive with chicken wire or netting, (or both) they will mostly be safe. I have over 3 dozen guineas and still have lots of wild honey bees...
  10. Tony O

    This ought to be a good one.....who is from BYC??

    Ben on BYC for a while, stopped by here on new years eve and joined here too. :ya Love all the smileys. :coolsun :watering :mow :bee Started with chickens and gardening both about the same time at 8 years (give or take) old. (long time ago) :old Never could pick one over the other, :tools and...
  11. Tony O

    What Should I Do With This Sh-, er, um, ahem, cough Manure

    I'm no expert, but I'd say cow and horse manure is good any time. Poultry should be stopped about a month before planting.
  12. Tony O

    This ought to be a good one.....who is from BYC??

    I came from BYC - Poultry and gardening go hand in hand. Feed the garden scraps to the chickens and they in turn will leave deposits to put back in the garden.
  13. Tony O

    List of independent seed companies

    . Here's one that does all organic, is Non-GMO, and will have NOTHING to do with monsanto. They grow all their own seeds. ;)
  14. Tony O

    What Should I Do With This Sh-, er, um, ahem, cough Manure

    Poultry manure is to hot to put on live growing plants, but you can spread it on thick this time of year. By spring that garden will be ready to go. :weight Years ago, when horses were still the main mode of transportation, my grandpa would go into the street several times a day and scoop up the...