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  1. momofdrew

    Are You a Weed's Best Friend?

    Now you have to remember a weed is just a plant where you don't want it to grow...they are all mother natures children and we have to respect mother nature or she WILL get angry... Have you ever noticed that weeds take on the look of the flower or vegetable it is growing it is...
  2. momofdrew

    Tomatoes froze but are still alive

    Where are you that you had a freeze this late in the season... I would see how the damaged ones do especially as you have replaced most of may get lucky...
  3. momofdrew

    New (to me) wildflower

    definitely a milk weed the monarch butterfly lays her eggs on it so the offspring will eat it...I always have some in the yard but beware it can spread like wildfire if you aren't careful...
  4. momofdrew

    Food Inc Preserving Contest

    hope that lotto ticket is a good one :fl congratulations on winning the prize :ya
  5. momofdrew

    Spring in Massachusetts

    CJ love your wisteria... my poppies have just started to bloom and my iris' are lovely... your 's are beautiful...
  6. momofdrew

    It all started with a stroll...

    how old are the babies??? you need to handle kittens a lot to tame them... I used to blow in their noses so they would know my smell... sounds like mama is very feral... babies have a better chance of adoption...
  7. momofdrew

    starting seed

    Deb.. thanks if you have a few heirlooms I would appreciate them... I went to Stewarts and picked up a brandy wine and six pack of early girl and green pepper some pickling cucumbers and a few other things...I have never had to buy everything... I am going to wait to see if the farmers market at...
  8. momofdrew

    starting seed

    I am loosing my green thumb...I have tried to start seed 4 times and got nothing... thought it ws the seed so bought new seed... restarted seed for the 4th time and still nothing... this is the first year in I can tell you where I have to buy all my seedlings...all that work :barnie
  9. momofdrew

    Come on Mother Nature!!!!

    A week ago we had 40 degree rainy raw weather it snowed north of us on last Sunday VErmont got 3 inches :ep of snow...we got rain again... today it is 95 and damn humid... I have melted into a large puddle on the couch... It was to cold and wet to work in the yard now it is tooooooooo hot....I...
  10. momofdrew

    Playing around

    beautiful puppy
  11. momofdrew

    White butterflies

    I now use food grade diamatious earth [DE] it kills the larva before they eat the hearts out of my cabbages...
  12. momofdrew

    Dandelion - The Misunderstood Weed?

    Why buy seeds when they will pop up where ever you don't want them...
  13. momofdrew

    My Anniversary gift!!!!

    My DH bought me a Troybilt electric cultivator for our 27th Wedding Anniversary... now I dont have to fork turn my veggie garden... it took me 10 minutes to do a 50 sq ft + area:lol::ya:ya
  14. momofdrew

    Early Warning System (EWS!)

    to the newbie: if you see a bug on your plant identify it before you kill may be a good bug that eats bad bugs BUT be sure you get rid of the bad bugs because each will lay 500 eggs and then you;ll have problems
  15. momofdrew

    Hello 2013 !

    greenery :weee
  16. momofdrew

    Tomato List

    I promise my DH I would cut back on Tomatoes this year we will see...I planted 30 plants last year... I have not purchased seed this year but I may get the urge as I look through the catalogs so there may be additions to this list Burpee Roma...
  17. momofdrew


    I use a an old dish pan to wet my soilless mix before making my soil blocks which is my favorite way of starting seeds... I still use cell packs for some and 3 inch pots for others but always pre wet everything and bottom water til I transplant to the garden...
  18. momofdrew

    Help with greenhouse

    :welcome I use an electric pad, designed for plant starting, to start my seeds... warm weather plants need the soil to be warm to sprout... not so much with cole crops [broccoli, cabbages etc]... :frow Steve; I still use 'spindly' to discribe plants seeking light...
  19. momofdrew

    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    snow snow and more snow, I feel guilty by not having my seeds started but last frost isnt until the june full moon so I actually do have time...
  20. momofdrew

    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    Deb you are light years ahead of me...I have bearly thought about starting seed. I guess i will have to stop reading all the good books and get my act together... by the way Duke is doing very well here with my 5 girls...