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    Your ideas how to pickle cucumbers?

    I make Easy Refrigerator Pickles. I don't remember where I found this recipe. Probably not what you're looking for if you have bushels of cukes. These are a sweet bread and butter pickle. 6 cups sliced cucumbers 2 cups sliced onions (I use more because I like them) 1-1/2 cups sugar 1-1/2...
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    Honeyberry Plants

    Ridgerunner, I got them from my local feed store, Wilco. From what I can find out on line, the 2 varieties I bought may not be the best pollinators for each other. I may return them and get blueberries instead. At least I have some experience with them!
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    Honeyberry Plants

    Just bought a couple of honeyberry plants today on a whim. I've heard of them but am really not very familiar with them. I read that you should have at least 2 varieties for pollination (like blueberries). I bought Honeybee and Berry Blue. Anyone have any insights to share?
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    Great herbs at Whole Foods

    Arp is very easy to find around here in nurseries. However, it can be purchased through Territorial Seeds as a plant. I'm sure other gardening catalogs carry it as well. It is a wonderful plant.
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    Great herbs at Whole Foods

    There is a variety called Arp which is very cold tolerant. I have grown it outdoors without any problem. I live in the Pacific Northwest, but my altitude is over 1000 feet, so we do get our share of cold. It is an upright plant with blue flowers. Very attractive (and tasty). It is the only...
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    Pecan Pie

    Hi Mary Abby's recipe says to place the pecans on the top, but I stir them into the filling. Yes, they are through the filling and not just on the top.
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    Pecan Pie

    I have had good luck with Dear Abby's pecan pie recipe, but it may not be thick/deep enough, though. I mix all the ingredients and then stir in the pecans. Pour into pie crust. Do not overbake. Pie will be very wobbly when you take it out of the oven but will set up as it cools. If...
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    Banana Peppers

    Growing up in an Italian household, fried peppers made frequent appearances to the table. Especially nice as an accompaniment to pork. Fry in a little bit of olive oil. You can add some onion and garlic if you like. Lay a few slices on a nice piece of Italian bread and enjoy. They also...
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    Bee Balm

    From "The Book of Herbal Teas" by Sara Perry: Use 3 teaspoons of fresh leaves or flowers, or 1 teaspoon dried, to 1 cup (8 ounces) of freshly boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes or to taste. Apparently the popular Earl Grey tea is regular black tea with some bee balm (also called bergamot)...
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    Questions about romaine lettuce

    Ditto what Pat said. I've always harvested the outer leaves on an every day or every other day basis. That way I'm not stuck with 10 heads of romaine all at once, and the outer leaves are harvested while still nice and tender.
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    Indoor Container Herb Garden

    I have not grown herbs indoors. I tuck them around the house as part of the landscaping. They are easy to get at and most are attractive. As for the herbs you mentioned, I grow rosemary. The variety I like is called Arp. It is very cold hardy and at my elevation (1000 feet) we get some...
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    Growing sweet marjoram

    Never grew sweet marjoram before and this year I bought 2 small pots to give it a try. It's still fairly cold here at night and I don't want to plant them outside yet. Trouble is, they are getting very spindly and leggy. Is that the way they're supposed to look? If not, any suggestions...
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    How long does garlic take?

    I've enjoyed growing garlic for the last 10 years. I have about 300 plants in my garden right now and here's what I can share. There are many different garlic varieties. Some mature earlier than others and are ready to harvest in June, others in late July. It depends on the variety you...
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    Anyone grind their own peppers????

    I grow a variety of hot peppers to grind. I used to grow all cayenne peppers but decided I prefer the flavors of other varieties so now make a mix of chiles. As for the actual drying, it depends on the pepper. Small, thin-walled peppers lid cayenne can just be left on a rack or a kitchen...
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    Trying to "root" thinned beets

    We've come to enjoy roasted veggies, including beets. Some people roast first and then slip off the skin, but you lose the roasted outside. I peel them first and spread them out in a shallow pan in a single layer. Toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Asparagus is also delicious roasted...
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    And sometimes, they just slip away . . .

    Steve, Territorial carries Packman seed. They also have a variety called Southern Comet. Not sure how that compares to regular old Comet, though.
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    Purchased garlic plants, need advice

    I have never heard of planting garlic plants, only the cloves. Never seen them in a catalog or at the nursery. A Google search didn't bring up anything either. I suppose I would put them in the ground and see what happens. Just a thought, but is it possible you have garlic chives and not...
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    I haven't tried them, but according to this source, you may want to consider a certain variety depending on where you live.
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    Where do you buy your seeds?

    I agree with Steve. If you have a seed company in your area, that would be the place to go. I buy my seeds from Territorial because their trial grounds are very similar to my gardening conditions. When they describe how a certain variety performs for them, it will most likely be the same for...
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    Multiplier Onions

    Thanks all for the replies. Are bunching onions the same as green onions and scallions? I have grown scallions and when harvesting, I would only take some outer leave but leave the growing center intact. The leaves will keep growing. If the scallions overwinter, they will flower and go to...