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  1. secuono

    Why is selling stuff so difficult?

    I have many things that need to sell, it's been months, but no real takers. =/ It's all live animals and equipment related to them. How do you guys sell things quickly?
  2. secuono

    How do you start a new garden plot?

    I've never really looked into it before, as I've done raised beds or pots instead. Easy peasy. I want to attempt a more old fashioned garden, but nothing fancy & probably not fully right n proper either. Haven't decided on size, will measure it out soon. I've read 12-14in deep for first...
  3. secuono

    Plants in Virginia, free

    Anyone in Va want some plants? Weeping cherry been planted 4-5yrs, dig it out & haul it away yourself. Some small Taro grown in bog. Will have some ground cover plants, too. Hidden under grass currently, but I guess you could dig them up now if you want. There is a purple sand cherry in the...
  4. secuono


    Few weeks ago a hummer visited my Thalia plant. I ordered 2 feeders that night and waited several days before a hummer found and tested out the feeder. A couple of days ago, a second hummer showed up and showed me it wanted a feeder with a rest to land on. I used some thick wire and made a...
  5. secuono

    Strongest fruit trees for my area??

    So now that I've made 3 out of the 6 new paddocks, I realize I need to put in shade/shelter for my sheep. I'd like to use fruit trees for this, apple and pear. Only ones I'll eat, lol. But they need to be dwarf or real small and super disease resistant. I cannot be spraying them, ever, with...
  6. secuono

    Getting rid of cherry, easy ways?

    Have many cherry trees I need to get rid of. Thinking I need to be girdling the trees to kill them. But what tools do I need? Some are small, others up to a foot wide.
  7. secuono

    It's been awhile, random picture time!

    Got new sheep, sold adult sheep, lots of lambs born, sold & kept back. Got barn cats, lots of wool, tons of horseback riding, out of state new rams, Fairy moss magically showed up, horses are on a strict diet, new 4th horse, bunch of other stuff, too. =)
  8. secuono

    Dying scotch brooms....

  9. secuono

    What's new? Well...

    Back to having singing pets Ordering coats for a select few sheep Had a total of 6 bottle babies in the house, all at new homes now Figuring out more fencing Happy lazy lambs born, 5 ewes still due Giant fishtank! Fourth horse came! Same as the fat one. Did I introduce last...
  10. secuono

    Alternative privacy screens

    Has anyone used odd things for a privacy screen? I have 5ft chain link at both sides of the house and by the driveway showing. I've been thinking about using the thicker weed barrier cloth to attach to the wire stretchers on the fence, leaving the poles bare. I don't need it to last a ton of...
  11. secuono

    When to pick strawberry?

    And yes, I do mean just! I have just one little berry! =) I went outside to feed the duckies and after they got done tripping me with excitement and I fed them, I wandered off to check the in ground garden. And I saw wee little corns popping up!!! Wheeeeee! I got so excited with a...
  12. secuono

    Injured wild birds, when to euth?

    I found a wild black bird hung up in a tree. When I looked up at it, I saw some red and told it that I hope it wasn't bleeding. But on my way to get a ladder, I spotted blood spots, confirmed when I got up to it. =( I got him down and untangled him, but once level, he started to have seizures...
  13. secuono

    Quick heat question!

    Could a 250watt heat bulb heat an enclosed plastic greenhouse to 55 when outdoor temps are 25-35? I got ducklings using the outlet in the shed, so can't plug in the electric heater to it as well. It'll blow, house needs rewiring... Trying to find an alternative. I want to move the plants...
  14. secuono

    Simple Joys

    This evening, we went to pick up some pallets. It was super fun, oddly enough, to pick through all the piles and get excited about finding some interesting shaped pallets and with good, fresh wood. Who knew it'd be so fun?! Haha. Got several pallets, only a couple that I actually needed...
  15. secuono

    Need help choosing greenhouse location

    Hello all, I got a 6x8x7ft greenhouse yesterday and I need help choosing where to put it. Ignoring the mess in the yard, I marked 4 possible spots. The little dashes show where the doorways are. Out between the hay and propane tank is where the garden is and don't want anything out there. Left...
  16. secuono

    Started some seeds tonight!

    DH came home with 2 different bags of seed starter soil and a bag of garden soil. We decided to mix all three together for the 5x6in pots. Garden soil mostly frozen. Waiting for it to thaw before starting another 16-20 or so pots. I may do more of the already potted or skip a few for the other...
  17. secuono

    Piggie in the house!

    Somehow, DH came to the conclusion that the pig should come into the house for the night. It was 7F out. ...yes, we dressed her up...
  18. secuono

    Bit of a sad day

    Ugh, always a hidden low during a good streak, should of seen it coming! Went to see my horse to try out saddles. Three in all, 2 looked promising and we were tacking one up to do a test ride in before deciding. He started acting up, pooped, pawing the ground, then got a lot more animated...
  19. secuono

    I want to visit the wild coastal horses, anyone else?

    My gelding is a Corolla wild horse, from Corolla NC. There are 4 breeds there. They are all so pretty. Hope to visit Corolla to take pictures of them. One day, if I won the lotto, I would join the effort to preserve the breed and own a breeding mare or two. Pictures gotten from the net...
  20. secuono

    I hate freezing temps and this valve!!!

    Every. Danged. Year. This thing freezes then bursts and floods everything. Worst connection evar!! So, I left to get my car fixed after my horse got his microchip this morning and came home to a flood! Didn't notice it until after I took selfies with a duck, though.... Electrician never...