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    Cherokee LOVES His Tennis Ball

    Good Boy! He's lucky to have such a good mommy.
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    Garden humor thread..

    This is a tad long... hope it hasn't been posted before. A herder named Bud was overseeing his animals in a remote mountainous pasture in Nevada when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of dust. The driver, a man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, RayBan sunglasses and YSL...
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    Bison can you milk them ?

    @Beekissed. ah, come on now, not all goaties are nasty brutes. My goaties are sweet, loving, curious, intelligent, quiet, well mannered and a joy to watch. I don't have the regular size goat but rather Nigerian Dwarfs and even in full rut my bucks are polite gentlemen and occasionally whiffy...
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    Turkey Tail Fungus

    I have no clue to why something is a fungus vs mushroom vs anything else. They sure are pretty!
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    Glass Ball Waterier

    @Nyboy, would something like this work for your application? I have not used this product, but it sounds intriguing.
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    Color of Outbuildings

    All of our out buildings that have paint, as opposed to metal siding, match the house. That way we only have to have one paint can stored for those pesky touch ups. Even the goat cabanas match the house. Or maybe I just have a color obsessive/compulsive hubby :)
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    Rabbit Food

    I raise large meat rabbits for my family's table and currently have eight rabbits, although the numbers go much higher during the fall to early summer time period when the rabbits are raising kits. I feed pellets but not exclusively. The does get 1/2 cup and the bucks get 2/3 cup of a 16%...
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    Cherokee's New Toy

    Keeping a pup that size occupied must be a chore of pure love!
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    Blue Ball, Still a Favorite Toy

    Such a handsome lad. It is a joy to see your pictures of him. Thank you!
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    Typing on my new PC

    HA! All you young whips, I've got you beat. My first computer was an IBM 8088, 64K RAM, 2 floppy 5 1/4" drives, didn't know what a hard drive was. You put the program disk in Drive A and your data disk in Drive B and prayed you wouldn't have a power glitch while you were on. Yep, (waving...
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    Space Lettuce

    Aye Cap'tan, but I canna change the laws of physics.
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    Cherokee is Nine Months Old

    @rebbetzin, you are certainly one blessed woman!
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    This is Why I Stay Out of My Woods

    Rattlesnake is tasty, but there isn't that much meat on the bones. Does make a nice pate though. DH got bit on his ankle by a rattler, many many moons ago, and got the anti-venom. The cost was well over $1,000 per vial, and he had many vials. He was in the hospital for three days. A few...
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    A Bright Career

    tar, feathers, rail
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    Secret Garden

    @baymule, how are the clematis vines doing? Picture????? I think an update would be enjoyed by all, please and thank you.
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    Newbie from North Central Texas

    @Carol Dee, as of right this second there are 23 goats with one very pregnant doe who is contemplating remaining in her current state, 8 hens, 2 roosters, 14 geese, 12 rabbits, three dogs and 2 cats... not to mention the cows... but then in Texas everyone has cows. @ Crazyfeathers, my one and...
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    Should We Talk, Cukes?

    This is my first year with cucumbers, and only because I got some free seeds. It is called Barese, an Italian heirloom that is really a melon that you use as a cucumber. Picked at around 6" and they are very thin skinned and very tasty. They are a little furry but that rubs off easily with a...
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    Newbie from North Central Texas

    I've lurked occasionally in the past and post mostly on BackYardHerds under the same name animalmom. I've heard of having a "green thumb," and the Good Lord knows my mother could plant a popsicle stick and get it to bloom. Me on the other hand not so much so I'm hoping to pick up some tips to...