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  1. the1honeycomb

    A sweet Birthday wish for @the1honeycomb

    Wow thanks to everyone for the delightful birthday wishes! What a nice surprise!
  2. the1honeycomb

    2016 Little Easy Bean Network - Gardeners Keeping Heirloom Beans From Extinction

    In and out of hospital only thing that grew was carrots I paid a man to come weed but he saw a copperhead and quit. I can't go out in the heat I talked to the people at the farmers market they are giving me great prices and I've rented a room to a young girl who wants to learn to can and store...
  3. the1honeycomb

    2016 Little Easy Bean Network - Gardeners Keeping Heirloom Beans From Extinction

    Sorry none of my seeds made it garden of weeds this year and they are struggling!
  4. the1honeycomb

    the yankees are coming ,the yankees are coming..

    hello well I think the only ting worse than a Yankee is a Danm Yankee!! thats me born in NY Lived 97% in the south 3rd trimester Major!!lol
  5. the1honeycomb

    majors 2016 garden..

    Myself tomatoes are just doing nothing need to transplant. Get some new
  6. the1honeycomb

    Don't Mean to Brag - OK Maybe I Do...

    you've eaarned Bragging rights your trees and squash llook wonderful
  7. the1honeycomb

    majors 2016 garden..

    Looks good as always Major, got about everything planted that I wanted to my illness didn't let me do so much. ready to harvest now!! I am not the veggies!! stay safe and continuing having fun in those gardens NAncy
  8. the1honeycomb

    2016 Little Easy Bean Network - Gardeners Keeping Heirloom Beans From Extinction

    Good morning Bluejay id like the wb ok 28 this year and one of your choice. I'm making room for a pole bean also so just let me know Thanks Nancy
  9. the1honeycomb

    majors 2016 garden..

    Happy Birthday!! Happy birthday!! May your garden overflow with abundance and be weed free!
  10. the1honeycomb

    majors 2016 garden..

    expecting a 28 degree nite! are you ready? Id love some lessons about your garden Ill bring the steaks and we can make it a visit
  11. the1honeycomb

    majors 2016 garden..

    Major I always want to come visit during you harvest season so I can get the leftovers!! your gardens are so manicured and beautiful. this year I am tryingn swimming pools, my sister gave me a bunch she picked up at walmart for 3$ apiece I put corn and squash int he beds that are falling...
  12. the1honeycomb

    Baymule's 2016 Garden

    Girl I m proud of you for not giving up you already have a harvest for this year,3 pigs! the rest is dessert! keep us informed of your progress :woot Ill be keeping my eye out! if you have any extra sausage send it my way:ep just kidding. Glad your hubby is getting better.:pop best of luck to...
  13. the1honeycomb


    sounds like everyone is up to their elbows in the garden already!! how wonderful. I planted seeds, tomato, carrot, and assorted salad greens. but my kitten thinks it is her play yard, following me around and digging up anything I put in. potatoes and peas are showing their little heads. I...
  14. the1honeycomb

    getting a jump on spring

    I think I might he Hz s so many great ideas
  15. the1honeycomb

    getting a jump on spring

    I don't like to put people out making the most of all my minutes got my onions and garlic done and my sweet peas. Put seed down for tomatoes and salad greens your always welcome t:frowo. Come visit
  16. the1honeycomb

    getting a jump on spring

    Hey your gardens are looking great as usual!! Been out of commission all last year blackberries took advantage of my being indisposed!! I only last out side about 30/40 minutes then done for the day. Its all good I have lots of garlic and onion s working hard, strawberries and blueberries seem...
  17. the1honeycomb

    2015 Little Easy Bean Network - Old Beans Should Never Die !

    I had my sister grow them for you and I just supplied the pkg to mail them to you. No gardening for me last year had to get rid of my chickens too. thanks for the welcome back .
  18. the1honeycomb

    Garlic bunched together

    sounds like a lot of good information I am going now to dig and separate them! I'll have a lot of garlic
  19. the1honeycomb


    :welcome lots of info and lots of fun Welcome
  20. the1honeycomb

    Official TEG Poll : What type of Gardener are you?

    I chose other I am a hobbyist weeds and all if I can't I can't get it to grow I run to the farmers market