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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Hi Carol, it's purple salsify (ragopogon porrifolius). It sprouted spontaneously in my garden and I'm glad I didn't have the time to care about weeds! The flowers are so pretty. Tragopogon porrifolius is a plant cultivated for its ornamental flower and edible root. It also grows wild in many...
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    Weather Where You Are

    We just had a week of snow and then frost. It started with snow last Saturday night. We had about 4", something I hadn't seen since the 80's. Then it was freezing cold and windy, but eventually the wind went away so on Friday I went iceskating, our national winter sport. Today was the last day...
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    How do you prune your tomatoes?

    @ducks4you No just chop and drop the leaves where I cut them. They fall on the grass clippings that cover the soil to reduce weeds, water vaporization and feed the soil. If leaves have diseases I get rid of them elsewhere.
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    How do you prune your tomatoes?

    I grow mostly indeterminate tomatoes and I grow them in a unheated greenhouse. I prune almost weekly after they reach 3ft, I start with the lowest leaf branches to avoid disease from getting wet. I take away all suckers and remove leafs from the bottom up, above tomatoes that start ripening so...
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    Today's sun set/rise around the world

    Not mine, but thought you might like this one from the famous Kinderdijk windmills from last weekend.
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    Welkom vanuit Holland! Glad you are here :welcome
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    What Movie?

    Have you seen the series Good Omens yet? So good! I've read most of the discworld books. I wish he was still with us and writing more great stories. I'm anticipating the upcoming BBC series The Watch. If I were alone I'd watch Bad Santa, because DW doesn't like that at all and I do... So far...
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    As I only got a little bit of German in school I had to use google just as you might do. It means dirt (soil) and can also be used to say something is dirty.
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    I'm sad to hear that Rhodie. I'm 42 myself and can't imagine dying before my children are adults. The U.S. broke three COVID-19 records yesterday: - 2,777 deaths - 100,000 hospitalizations - Nearly 205,000 new infections In my country the cases are very slowly dropping, today 61 deaths, 150...
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    Spreading falsehoods, misinformation and conspiracy theories doesn't do any good and should be called out. It's not an opinion.
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    In my country the cases are dropping, 2 weeks ago we had over 10.000 new cases a day, now it's down to 5650 a day although there was an increase the last 2 days. My 7 year old son's teacher was tested positive for corona last Saturday, school stayed open and he got (retired) substitute teachers...
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    How ya doin'

    I feel like this: :weee
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    How to tell an eating pumpkin from a non eating pumpkin?

    If it's about finding out if it's edible , just cut off a small piece and chew on it. If it's bitter it's going to make you sick. If its slightly sweet or blend it's edible and you can cook it safely.
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    Quotes and thoughts for the day

    I like(d) that!
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    Chard & Winter

    I've have over wintered chard both outside and in a unheated greenhouse. Outside maybe 1 in 4 plants survived, but all survived in the greenhouse. Also there I was able to picking a few leaves in winter, but much better early in spring when it was too early for other greens! Even outside it's...
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    2020 shortages

    Over here all supermarkets are fully stocked, it did take till juli or August for all the baking goods like yeast and flour to be back in stores. Since then everything is back in stores. I do know there are longer delivery times on some products that became more popular during the pandemic like...