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    Holy Moly what a root on those chicories.

    oh yes, I remember the thread... I still have not gotten around to tryin any of it though..
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    Fire ants

    I live in the south and so I have to tolerate them.... At first I combated them with earnest as there was a constant war over the compost pile but if I killed them off they just moved to another spot in the garden... They now own the compost pile and any part of the garden that has mulch. So...
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    Holy Moly what a root on those chicories.

    I am currently living in the south where chickory coffee is a staple... Man I love it... it takes coffe up a notch... but I have never grown chickory... Steve, how did you use it as a coffee subsitue? Dry it? Grind it?
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    Favorite FLOWER to grow in your garden?

    Zinnias... grown mostly for their ease.... I love me so easy flowers and their blooms just last for ever both on the plant and a cut flower.
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    Rooting tree cuttings - question

    Figs are supposed to root real easy. I however have not been succesful.
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    What type of fertilizer do you use for rose bush?

    I got it at lowe's. Some may call me a sucker for buying the different types of fertilizer but different plants have different needs. I also got an azaela fertilizer. makes a world of difference for ease and beauty
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    Square foot gardening

    I think mels book says 6 but I agree with the deeper the better. Some plants just need that much like tomatoes. a small root system is going to make them more susceptible to drying out. while a larger root system will give larger plants.
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    What type of fertilizer do you use for rose bush?

    I have used the same generic fertilzer recipe I got from the mother earth news but that needs applications about once a month for veggies and so I was doing it whenever I could remember last year. But this year I just got some of the oscomote(sp?) rose formula. and i should only have to put it...
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    Starting Basil From Cuttings...

    well the last set of basil was out side in my biodome uncovered. I saw them one day and the next they were gone. Just gone. I have found that some things are jusst too much trouble. like for example tomatoes, I cant grow them I always end up killing them so I have resigned myself to...
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    Starting Basil From Cuttings...

    oh I can get my to germinate but after that they just disappear..... :hu
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    Starting Basil From Cuttings...

    I have tried basil from seed many years and i just can't do it. So I always buy a bigger one from Lowes and I make sure it has more than a few sprouts. Then I pull them oh so gentilly and plant them in the ground. When I am lazy I will put them in water but usually I just pop them in the...
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    Gotta love Lowe's!

    I am not familiar with the flowers you chose but you can google them an get a wealth of info. Try Daves Garden. BuT I also love Lowes.
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    No I went to UCSB for undergrad and MSU (montana-bozeman) for grad. Gardened at both and loved it. I loved family housing though. I was so nice to have families all around with kids running everywhere. It sure was a social hub. Now that we have graduated and live in a SFH it is definately...
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    Just sprayed round up on all the garden area. Do you do this?

    I never have sprayed in my garden but I have a smaller garden than you. I would be uncomfortable but I will also be using roundup for landscaping this year.
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    The roundup resistant super weeds... the studies continue

    Now I am not a big round up fan. mostly cause I don't want to pay for it and ideologiacally I am also not a fan But I will be buying some this year. Apparently the soil line is too high on my house and it covers the foundation. So I need to pull back all the mulch that I had against the...
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    When do you give up & start over??

    yeah I have really whittled down my gardening to thing that are 1. hard to kill 2. somebody else can grow in case I kill 3. relatively easy. At first I was buying all kind of different peppers tomatoes etc and then found keeping track was really hard and then seedlings are so easy to kill. And...
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    A fine crop of aphids.

    my never dying collards are infested with aphids. part of me is justing sittiig back and watching the destruction. ok a large part
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    When do you give up & start over??

    I give up very often. For me, I work full time, kids, soccer, PTA and propagation in general is such a detailed endevor it is just really hard for me to not kill everything. LIke I killed all my tomatoes this year cause I got sick and last year twice they got knocked over....So what I have...
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    First Pics Of My Sweetheart's Memorial Garden

    Thats just absolutely beautify boggy!