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    Alfalfa Cover Crop

    Hey, I had an open area in my garden this year :hide and I was thinking about sticking some alfalfa there for a cover crop, but I wasn't sure how exactly to go about it. Do you have any advice?
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    Starting Plants Trouble, HELP!

    They are flourescent bulbs.
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    Starting Plants Trouble, HELP!

    We have tried four 120 watt cfl bulbs with our plants and they are spindly. We use regular lamps with our Jiffy trays. We currently only have two trays. Do we need them to be closer? Or do we need other bulbs? Or do we need more lights? Or is it something totally different? P.S. I have no clue...
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    Any suggestions on how to arrange my garden?

    I would do sucsession planting with the peas, cabbage, lettuce, and carrots. Because of our tastes I don't know about swiss chard or spinach.
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    Fresh Pack Pickles

    Sure! Yesterday was a busy day in the kitchen we had beans galore! So after making two halve pints of Dilly beans and 5 pints pickled beans and 9 1/2 pints regular canned beans. Then we made the dill pickles and then the bread and butter. Here is the recipe. 8 lbs 4-6 inch cucumbers cut...
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    Fresh Pack Pickles

    Hi, we made fresh pack pickles last night. This was our first shot at making pickles. How long do we have to wait to try them? The recipes don't say and I would think just till they cool but my SO thinks that they need to sit for a time. We made the Bread and Butter and the Dill out of the Ball...
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    I planted strawberrys this year and I was wondering how to prune them best for root production. Thanks.
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    Yet another potatoe question!

    My seed potatoes are 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 inches and have a TON of eyes. Should I cut them smaller which if I went by number of eyes they would be 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 cm in size! So what do I do? Thanks
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    Here it is April 7th

    We are having near blizzard condition weather right now! UGG!
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    Storing Seed Potatoes

    Thanks! Will Do!
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    Fingerlings vs "Normal"

    What is the difference between Fingerlings and what I guess are considered "Normal" potatoes?
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    Storing Seed Potatoes

    Hi there! I just got my seed potatoes today and I am not planning on planting them for 2 weeks, so how do I store them? Thanks
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    Squirrels eating tulips?

    Oh I thought they ment they perfered the bulbs with gravy
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    Squirrels eating tulips?

    What are you talking about?
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    Squirrels eating tulips?

    Could it have been a lawnmower?
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    Sealing My Beds 2

    We went to pick up supplies for sealing our boards and someone suggested that if we used chemicals to seal the boards wouldn't they just leach into the beds? We had planned on using sealant but should we use that or stain or polyurethane? Thanks
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    what order and how much

    Unless you are in the southern hemisvere shouldn't that be the north-west corner? As the sun rises in the East and in the northern hemisvere the sun comes from a southern angle. JMHO
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    HR 875 Anyone else Freaked Out by this??

    That sounds genius!
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    Who knows Poo?

    Llama Manure is also very good
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    Poisonous Plant's

    Thank you both! We are planning on getting chickens at some point in the near future (this year or next) and we curently have (you geussed it) Llama's (whose manure is jelly bean shaped ie, Llama beans) We won't use pesticides unless we have a problem or my SO does it without my knowledge.