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  1. Lavender2

    What are you canning now?

    Salsa is my favorite, of all the things we can. Good for you @thistlebloom ! :cool: Glad your tomatoes came through for you! I had a great crop of onions, garlic and peppers so of course my tomatoes flopped. It's rare that I don't have enough for at least a batch. We may try the farmers market...
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    What are you canning now?

    Congrats on the great find! I can't even imagine processing a truck load of apples. :hide We found a nice man on craigslist selling apples from his small hobby orchard for 90 cents per pound. Huge Honeycrisp and Haralson, with minimal spraying. He kindly invited us to his hard apple cider...
  3. Lavender2

    What I Learned by Quitting Coffee

    :lol: .. And people spend hundreds on a machine, when all they need is a few paper clips and a creative mind! Ingenious! I probably would have left work for an emergency... and came back with coffee. :D The first thing I think about in a power outage is, where is my camp coffee pot and we...
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    "How's Your Melons Doin'?"

    The melons I grew are 'Hearts of Gold', an heirloom that used to be grown commercially in the mid-west. They all weighed between 2 1/2 and 3 lbs. Looks like you had a great harvest! I will have to try 'Rich Sweetness' . I love trying new things and they're too pretty to pass up. Thanks for the...
  5. Lavender2

    Show off your pumpkins

    What a precious photo! And a group of kids who will remember their first pumpkins (and you) forever! :love
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    "How's Your Melons Doin'?"

    Well, their color has thrown me off. I checked them last Friday and one slipped from the vine, had a bit of sweet melon smell. Before I could get in the house and get a photo dh had cut it up and ate half of it. :eek: He raved about the best melon he's ever tasted, and he thoughtfully saved me...
  7. Lavender2

    So apparently Mugwort is a weed

    What @Carol Dee said, and heavily mulch the area for at least a year, watching for determined shoots that survived the smother. At least it does not have an annoying tap root to deal with, but it continually sends out shoots to spread. Get it before it goes to seed. Years ago I brought the...
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    Found This Beauty Today

    :D Our atrium door seems to be a frog magnet, I have a lot of experience at frog catching. Tip: Throwing a dish towel on them increases your chance of a catch by about 50%. :lol: It's even more fun when they get away and the game turns into hide and seek. Fun little guys, they will peep until...
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    Almost missed wishing Dew Happy Birthday! (No we did not!)

    Happy Birthday @dewdropsinwv ! I hope you feel like you're 26 today and have a great day!
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    I had one like that arrive here in Spring. Chubby, fluffed up little thing sat near the feeder for about a week. Good thing you had some juice out for her. They're so fun to watch. There are still some stragglers here, I saw two at the feeder yesterday. Usually when one pokes another at the...
  11. Lavender2

    Found This Beauty Today

    Wow, that is a big one! I don't think I have ever seen one that big. Great shot too! They're so cute, except for the ones that ride on the door and plop down in the house, treating me to a long game of catch me if you can.
  12. Lavender2

    Some of my new daylilies for you to see

    Whipped Cream ? Sugar Sugar ? Wedding Cake ? I think I'm hungry. :D Morning Blizzard Angels Wings ETA- Stunning new lilies @catjac1975 ! :love
  13. Lavender2

    Of Little Interest to the Guys Here

    I was pregnant when I was 25, I would rather not feel like that again. :D
  14. Lavender2

    Show off your pumpkins

    Yeah, that kurbis thing was a whole ordeal. Dh's brother went to Germany and had a salad at a restaurant that had delicious orange cubes in it. He asked what it was and they told him kürbis. It has to be made with Cinderella pumpkin, they said. It took quite a bit to find a recipe I felt...
  15. Lavender2

    Show off your pumpkins

    Thanks, Mary. We don't have room to grow them every year. My rotation bed has cantaloupe in it this year. @Carol Dee , that's funny, the house eating pumpkin! Great looking garden, good thing they don't mind pumpkins in the cemetery!
  16. Lavender2

    Of Little Interest to the Guys Here

    Add another 58'er.;) I was 49 for many years, then my son started catching up. :rolleyes: I have always had long hair, Mom insisted when we were kids. I cut it off only once. In 7th grade I took my babysitting money and went to the Beauty Nook, conveniently located right by the school and got a...
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    Show off your pumpkins

    Watch out for those deer! Here they don't bother the vines but just as the pumpkins are about ripe they take a big bite and walk away. :somad Thanks for the tip on the 'sugar warts' ! We grew Cinderella pumpkins a few years ago for canned Kurbis, a German recipe dh came across and had to try. A...
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    Color, the Veggie Garden

    You did have some unusual heat this season, @digitS' . Hopefully you will still get a harvest to smile about. I don't remember, have you tried them for a fall/winter crop? I almost pulled the beets early, fearing a week of upper 80s-90s. They sure look awful in the heat of the day, but I'm glad...
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    Local High school Band

    Good for her! That drive and commitment will keep her going. Sounds like they have a great program! It saddens me when I hear some schools are cutting back or no longer having band programs, knowing the money they pump into sports. We can't all be great football players. :rolleyes: When I was...
  20. Lavender2

    Crafty Mom

    How great to have a keepsake from your grandmother! Mom likes to crochet more than knit. She made bedspreads for all my kids and countless afghans. All I know about the difference is, you use different needles/hooks. :D I'm sure someone else can give you a better answer.