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    Valley, gross! Mary
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    Welcome! Love all the space and animals you have. Looking forward to hearing more about your gardening endeavours and spring planting. Mary
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    Planting bare root blueberry bushes

    I have 6 blueberries in large pots and love them. Try to get a variety of them to help with pollination. My weather is cool pretty much year round so I'm lucky in that I just have to mulch them and water them once a week. Mary
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    Ringo’s Lambs! Baymule’s 5th Lambing

    Thank you for explaining so clearly. I hope this education sticks. :oops: Mary
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    Garden humor thread..

  6. ninnymary

    Garden humor thread..

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    Trust but Verify, or, Look Mary!

    Seed, work hard play hard. 😂. Once I retire in a year then it will only be play hard. 🤣 Mary
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    Trust but Verify, or, Look Mary!

    Steve, it was about 6 miles at a brisk walk. On the way back I kept telling my husband that we could slow down that it was only 2 in the afternoon and we had plenty of light yet. I think I’m in decent shape but I had to take a few 30 seconds rest on the uphill portions. I was also afraid that I...
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    Trust but Verify, or, Look Mary!

    Ladies it’s nice to see that both of you have been busy and productive. See nagging does help. Me, I’m just laying around relaxing at our cabin. I did hike for 3 hours so I guess that was productive. Mary
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    I've heard of Japanese Milk Bread! Some people on my sourdough facebook group make it. It always looks so big and fluffy. Is yours like that @misfitmorgan? Mary
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    Weather Where You Are

    Bee, the difference between you and Thistle is that you already got a lot done before that snow comes. Knowing Thistle she's been loafing and still has lots of outdoor projects to do before she hunkers down. 😝 Mary
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    Weather Where You Are

    NO, I would not like snow here where I live. I get to see snow up at our cabin and that's plenty for me. Mary
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    Back to Eden Gardening

    Bee, did I miss something? You have sheep? How many? Mary
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    Weather Where You Are

    Hmmm...I wonder if I'll see a moose in my backyard?! Mary
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    Weather Where You Are

    Our local Target has snow shovels! :ep Is there something going on that I don't know? :oops: For those of you that don't know, our winters are very mild. Usually around 62* daytime temps and 50* night time. Mary
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    Black-eyed Peas

    Those gourds are beautiful! Mary
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    Container garden soil

    I have hugh pots that I add a top dressing of compost every year too. Every 2-3 years I gently remove the plant and refill with fresh potting soil. Mary
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    Hello from new gardener in Central Texas!

    Welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you and to be jealous of all your gardening space. :p Mary