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  1. Rhodie Ranch

    Baymule's 500 Pound Boar!

    My friend bagged a deer last winter. I got to watch as he parceled it out. He then hangs the carcass in the garage for a week. And its not winter here in OR like the rest of you get. I used to view dry aging chambers. The right temps and humidity make for the most moldy icky outside but the...
  2. Rhodie Ranch

    Weather Where You Are

    I didn't want to dash your hopes, @digitS' . It was pleasant but not that warm on Tuesday. Every day I rake, suck up, mow leaves from the damn bradford pear that all the homes were required to have in the front. By the next am, you can't even tell I did anything. Any hoo, its been so warm, that...
  3. Rhodie Ranch

    Planting bare root blueberry bushes

    Peat moss and then amendments in the spring to keep the pH down.
  4. Rhodie Ranch

    Taking Lambs To Slaughter

    Fascinating. I wonder how Farmfresh on another forum transports her Kat. sheep to market? I'll have to ask her.
  5. Rhodie Ranch

    By the by ~ have you noticed the price of Vanilla

    I hide stuff all the time and then can't remember the secret place. I'd have to put the vodka/vanilla bean in my pantry so that I'd stumble over it someday.
  6. Rhodie Ranch

    Weather Where You Are

    In the meantime, its parched and dry here in Oregon. If we don't get rain, it will be the 8th driest November on record. Oh, and was supposed to hit 70 today.
  7. Rhodie Ranch

    It is a Henless Birthday

    Oh Very Happy Day to YOU!!
  8. Rhodie Ranch

    Get with the program.....

    ummm....OK. Here's a question for ya that is gardening related.. I've purchased some perennials on clearance at Lowes for $1 each. They've been sitting on a table out back and since we've got no rain, I've had to soak them cus they dry up. I'm thinking of bringing them into my sunny sitting...
  9. Rhodie Ranch

    Weather Where You Are

    @digitS' Yes, its been warm during the days all week long! 70 or so. And NO RAIN. The Medford paper (on line free) today said that November is one of the wettest months for the Rogue Valley and we've got NOTHING in sight for the next 10 day forecast. An extended forcast says that there is a...
  10. Rhodie Ranch

    Pull with fingers ~ Madnakash

    My baby bro and his wife are having a Kamayan Feast for Thanksgiving this year. Plus one standard turkey. "While most Filipinos today eat using a spoon and fork, the traditional way of eating is kamayan, or “with hands.” ... The term kamayan can be used to describe the act of eating by hand...
  11. Rhodie Ranch

    2019 kiwi harvest..

    WOW. What will you do with that many?
  12. Rhodie Ranch

    Weather Where You Are

    I'm in San Jose CA all week. It took ex and I a loooooonnnnggg time to bypass the closed freeways on Sunday due to the fires. Even I5 was closed in Sacramento due to a grass fire. We had to take the back way several times to get here from Medford OR. I'm at Mother's and brother's house (split...
  13. Rhodie Ranch

    TheEasyGarden Software Upgrade

    holey moley! Its so large now and doesn't fill my screen. Very condensed, but large font.
  14. Rhodie Ranch

    Happy Birthday Dear Canesisters

    Oh happy day of days to YOU!!
  15. Rhodie Ranch

    Did I miss something?

    My sadness for you and your family. I know you'll miss him alot, like we do all our loved ones. Hugs from me to you.
  16. Rhodie Ranch

    What I Learned after Quitting Tea

    I've started my days with a cup of tea with a splash of milk since I was 18. Then wait an hour and have a cup of black coffee.
  17. Rhodie Ranch

    Donation Requests - Support Sumi's Health Recovery Fund

    Prayer for you right now, and here's to fingers crossed that the investigation finds just a shadow or something benign.
  18. Rhodie Ranch

    Do you ferment?

    Evidently after a few months I can use the lemons for anything. Fish, salads, etc. It was something fun to try.
  19. Rhodie Ranch

    Do you ferment?

    I've got garlic that has finished fermenting, on my countertop. Time to put it in the frig. I also have my first salt cured lemons doing their thing in a jar on the countertop.
  20. Rhodie Ranch

    Donation Requests - Support Sumi's Health Recovery Fund

    Oh Sumi. So wonderful to hear from you! Please keep us posted, if you'd like, so we can all support you from afar. Loving hearts from across the ocean.