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  1. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    morning grrrrrr

    :idunnoMajor i feel for ya. 2018 hasn't been my cup o' tea either, but nothing as bad as flooding/home wreckage.
  2. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    My perfect hell

    nope nope! ain't going in there! :sick:thi don't mind snakes but that many & that type i won't be going anywhere near them!
  3. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    morning grrrrrr

    if you were closer i could have sent a plumber your direction. we have a friend that is a licensed plumber that has helped us out a lot over the years. somethings i've learned from him too. pex isn't hard to work with & my whole house was redone with it just before we moved in here. we basically...
  4. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    Aquarium substrate

    nothing wrong with those! ;) i think the sarasa comets are beautiful when you can get the orange areas to be brilliant red just from the quality foods that are out there. koi just come in some really neat patterns & the black patches don't fade.
  5. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    Link and "suggestions?"

    yep, Google Analytics & all the other trackers that hide behind the scenes. when i used Firefox i had a program downloaded called Ghostery that showed all the trackers on the pages & the most were from Google followed by all the social media trackers.
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    A Special Gift

    good use too is if you have a sick/injured bird you need to separate out from the flock till they are better. i saw some cute little coops being sold in my area this summer & thought i just needed to know the prices just to see how cheap they would be. :\ $500! looked like they could only hold...
  7. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    Aquarium substrate

    yep! can't have anything smaller than their mouth in that tank or it gets eaten in an instant. i did have a couple koi in there when the cats were smaller and koi larger than them and the koi tails always looked torn up. then notice the cats were chasing the tails trying to eat them. out the koi...
  8. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    Aquarium substrate

    not the type that stay small. these are brown bullheads & i've had them a few years. i also have a small yellow bullhead that has been slowly growing in a 20 gallon tank with some of the moss. they rather hid than be seen in the tank so i have things for them to hide in besides the moss. i was...
  9. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    Aquarium substrate

    i used FloraMax in my 20g planted but the 55g catfish tank i've used a crushed coral gravel instead-it was cheaper. i only have java fern in the catfish tank with little light & the stuff flourishes in it. my 20g has more plants that like low light so they thrive in there with a blue & white LED...
  10. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    When TV Was Free

    yep. we only pay to have the internet-DSL modem for under $40/month from the phone company. we also got rid of the land line phone & each have a cell phone at $12.50/month per phone. i figured since i work all day long i'm never really at home so why bother with a land line. with Roku & some...
  11. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    When TV Was Free

    i cut the cable back in 2013 when my dh had his 1st stroke & i was out of work. we already had been paying for Netflix but bought a Roku & that was the end of paying for Direct TV & cable. now i get unyielding mail asking us to come back. NOPE! ain't going there again if i can help it! i do...
  12. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    My Rainbow Truck/ update brakes

    i just about died laughing at this Thunderbird i found on ebay! now this is a rainbow car!
  13. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    My Rainbow Truck/ update brakes

    & just as important as it running & drives is stops!
  14. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    My Rainbow Truck/ update brakes

    dad enjoying a Ford Deluxe & the Olds 88 would have liked to work on one of these projects but only if i had enough $$$ to spend for it. the plate says it all doesn't it!
  15. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    My Rainbow Truck/ update brakes

    i was drooling over these few i saw at a swap meet/car show at New England Dragway. went with my dad a few weeks ago. he got a little captured by an Old's 88 a guy was selling for around $14K.
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    hurricane florence....

    hoping everyone is safe that could be in Florence's pathway. :hugs
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    Wow Need To Plant Some Raspberry

    i have plenty of black raspberries i could send you for free! i've been fighting them in the garden & just took out a bunch. still have plenty more but i'm not pulling those since i still want some berries this summer for eating. i can always expect them to be ready for picking from July 1st...
  18. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    Little Duck Egg Laying Machine

    my boss always finds a bunch of eggs in mud & if she isn't paying attention to where the hens go hiding them she ends up with more ducks from it. this year she is determined to keep on top of finding all the hiding spots. something is also helping her keep them in check this year. past couple...
  19. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    Strongest fruit trees for my area??

    if you are looking for apple/pear trees that are dwarf you really should be looking at the rootstock they are grafted to. pears use OHxF87 as a 'dwarf' rootstock and it is relatively easy to find if you want to graft in the late winter/early spring. i don't recommend using quince for pears since...