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  1. PhilaGardener

    By the by ~ have you noticed the price of Vanilla

    Slice and scrape 4-8 fresh vanilla beans into a quart of cheap vodka and age 12 months in the dark. It is well worth the wait! (Honest, the flavors clearly developed over that time so I wouldn't rush it.) (I was using my current batch this evening - started January 2018 and is about a third...
  2. PhilaGardener

    Still alive and kicking

    I once moved to a place that had a large green lawn and I said "what a great location for a garden." Come to turn it over and found that I wasn't the first to think that. I later learned that it had been a beautiful flower garden a few decades earlier and the soil was so rich from all the...
  3. PhilaGardener

    Still alive and kicking

    Glad to hear from you, Hoodat! Sorry you aren't gardening but it is great to have you on line with us! :thumbsup
  4. PhilaGardener

    2019 Little Easy Bean Network - Come And Reawaken The Thrill Of Discovery

    Yes, P is for Parental generation, F1 is the first Filial (son or daughter) generation, F2 is the second Filial generation ("grand children") and so on. The interplay between genetics and the environment can be complex. A good example is that under some conditions a semi-runner variety will...
  5. PhilaGardener

    little worms in the dill

    Not another new pest :barnieSorry :eek:
  6. PhilaGardener

    little worms in the dill

    Might be black swallowtail catterpillars - the early stages are dark but they change as they get larger. Plant some fennel in the back for them. They turn into beautiful butterflies!
  7. PhilaGardener

    2019 Little Easy Bean Network - Come And Reawaken The Thrill Of Discovery

    After I stopped trying to figure out what the heck GNOPS was :hu, I enjoyed that really nice list! :gigMust be too tired tonight!
  8. PhilaGardener

    2019 Little Easy Bean Network - Come And Reawaken The Thrill Of Discovery

    Very cool! The botanical explanation for this is that the bean pod is the fusion of two compartments (called locules), each of which contains its own ovules. So when seeds develop after pollination, they alternate in their origin from two different areas of maternal tissue. The striping and...
  9. PhilaGardener

    To late to trim cucumbers?

    Well, you're one up on me there! lol - My broccoli is just sitting still, trying to figure out the weather this season. :lol:
  10. PhilaGardener

    To late to trim cucumbers?

    If you have the space, you might also try transplanting what you need to spread out. Wait for a cloudy day, try to move a good bit of soil with each, and keep well watered before and after moving. Some temporary shade might help them get established.
  11. PhilaGardener

    majors kiwi's 2019

    Looking great, Major! :thumbsup
  12. PhilaGardener

    pulled the trigger today

    Enjoy your new ride, Major :thumbsup
  13. PhilaGardener

    Beez pleezz

    It's not just honeybees but pollinators in particular and insects in general. Really quiet in the garden. The Spring bird migration has seemed very weak as well - perhaps not surprisingly since they rely on insects as food to refuel along the way. :(...
  14. PhilaGardener

    Beez pleezz

    Australia has a native stingless bee that can be kept for honey. I always found that intriguing and wondered why they weren't more widely raised. @Trish Stretton have you heard about anyone keeping these...
  15. PhilaGardener

    COLLECTOR it is your day!

    Happy Birthday!
  16. PhilaGardener

    morning grrrrrr

    On the bright side, once replaced you should be good for at least another 20! ;)
  17. PhilaGardener

    Corn rows - tips?

    Stowell's Evergreen has done well for me in PA! It is very forgiving and has been a consistent performer - even bouncing back after an extended rainy period knocked all the plants flat, they picked themselves up and grew on. I hope you enjoy it!
  18. PhilaGardener

    Hi from New Zealand

    Welcome from Pennsylvania! Your garden sounds wonderful!
  19. PhilaGardener

    fire engulfs Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

    So, so sad. So much like the Glasgow School of Art less than a year ago. Another iconic structure almost irreparably damaged, and so preventable. I mean, to renovate such historic structures without having fire suppression system in place . . . it is just inexcusable.