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    Taking Lambs To Slaughter

    Bay is currently working with a handful of sheep... in just a couple of years that figure will more than double.... no amount of carrots or apples or halter training will ever work. What I see in Bay's future is a good Blue Heeler or Mc Nabb from a sheep ranch with these working breed dogs...
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    Did I miss something?

    :hugs :hugs
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    Cheese causes breast cancer mortality

    Capon surgery is common in China. In the western countries, we raise Cornish X chickens , cross bred chicken between selected breeds that grow very rapidly and are butchered at 42 days of age for game hens, or kept a for a week or two longer for your fryer size birds. Add a couple weeks...
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    Fostering cats and dogs

    No point, just stating a fact of what occured to a kind lady ! Update : Correction- Lady did NOT receive a rabies shot. My daughter showed me photos of the bite victim's R forearm and elbow ... looks like hamburger. After this victim was dismissed from the emergency room and before she...
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    Fostering cats and dogs

    My daughter's friend fosters dogs and cats for a rescue... the humane society got 2 dogs ( one is rather shy but not too friendly, the second is friendly ) and since they were over capacity, sent them to a rescue group. This group , also was over capacity, so they had a lady to take them...
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    Alternatives to Annuals - Food Forest

    NO confusion on my part ... since everyone in charge was re-assigned to menial jobs by the communists or shiped to Siberia ... the new ones in charge of cutting down trees for fire wood to heat the masses' common homes, but most of them had no clue for the ins and outs of management, so the...
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    Alternatives to Annuals - Food Forest

    Here is a personal story of what happand to my family's properties in Lithuania after WW2 ... My father owned a very productive cattle and sheep farm . He was also a Veterinarian. My mother owned a large general store in town. She also owned one of the largest farms in her district, our home...
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    Ringo’s Lambs! Baymule’s 5th Lambing

    "Mary had a little lamb, her fleece was fucia ..." :thumbsup
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    common sense out the window .......the new beginning

    Major... Since the duties of a University professor is to publish or perish (fired ) and teach students, so it is critcal that they do not ruin the school's reputation my son interviewed 3 professors last week that had research specimens contaminated to some degree. He then interviewed the...
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    Alternatives to Annuals - Food Forest

    Profit is what makes the economic world go round. Look at the garden production and what you expect it to produce as food for you. If your garden produces a bumper crop, you can sell or give away the excess crop or keep it, but it still is a profit to you. If you volunteer your time and...
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    Alternatives to Annuals - Food Forest

    Yup ... a large portion of the western lands is best used to timber production and open range grazing for cattle and sheep. And yes, you can grow alfalfa profitably IF you have enough water to irrigate the circular hay field. And yes, some land can grow some other crops IF you have enough...
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    Autumn Flowers

    This morning we had the first very light frost on the car roofs. The dozen plants that I planted that originated from Madagascar last spring for the garden tour are all toast and look like a pile of mush. :eek:
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    Alternatives to Annuals - Food Forest

    There are millions of acres in the arid far West and South West ( think of wroadrunner and whiley covote play there ) where fruit and nut trees just will not grow, if they do and produce fruit, the crops are too costly to produce to be economically viable as water and labor is very expensive...
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    common sense out the window .......the new beginning

    For the ones there is no hope for ... they be gone pronto :smack :smackfor the sake of and better attitude of the rest of the employees. :woot :)
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    The Moose!

    One of our daughter's friend from high school, breeds AKC Pit Bulls, and they are HUGE, like her male weighs in at 105 lbs. His body looks like a bull dog. She sells many puppies to Australia, Europe, Russia, China, Viet Nam, and Hong Kong. Price tag for a puppy with a Vet. health...
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    common sense out the window .......the new beginning

    My son is now in charge of research building maintenance of the lower campus of Oregon State University, the maintenance contract had expired with another maintenance company so my son also took over their entire staff ( they would be without a job if they chose not to leave the other company's...
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    The Moose!

    Thistle... you may be aware that quite a few feral horses carry Draft Horse genes. In the 1960's when I started to work for UCD Veterinary Medicine Dept. ... we got a shipment of 39 mustang mares from a very wild range in N. Montana for a PhD. research project. 2 of the mares were older...
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    What Were Your Boons and Busts for 2019?

    On our ranch in Central California, I had a 6' tall cyclone fence on our front of the property with a hot wire on top of it ... one day , I saw a doe and her yearling fawn jump that fence from a standstill . It did keep our horses in and 2 legged riff raff out though. :idunno
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    SweetMissDaisy *Gottcha* Happy Birthday

    HAPPY BTRTHDAY and MANY MORE !!!:celebrate :clap :ya :thumbsup