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    tomato seed saving

    Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. Thetomato feels a liitle mushy so it will be picked real soon. I will look into the fermenting process, perhaps there will be enough seeds to do both methods. NwMtGardener; I won't laugh at anybody unless the're funny. By the way I was born in NW...
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    tomato seed saving

    Greetings gardeners, chronic lurker yardfarmer here to ask a question. How ripe should a tomato be to pick and save the seeds? We are having a very good season for tomatoes , two of the fruits are ripe, which is very early for this part of Or, so I want to save the seed from one of these...
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    Does anyone prune their tomatoes?

    Pruning depends on the type of tomato plant, determinate or indeterminate. I always prune indeterminate tomatoes since they're grown on a trilis. I let the determinate tomatoes grow as much as possible, usually in a cage since I don't have a lot of room to let them spread out on the groung.
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    Beneficial Nematodes

    Hello fellow gardeners, been long time since I posted on this forum, almost forgot my password. Ive gotten a lot of good information and advice from here so I thought Id share an experience I had as a little pay back. Last week I lost the entire broccoli planting and most of the cabbage to the...
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    List of independent seed companies

    Thanks so much for the link to this article. I'm really disappointed with Territorial Seed, I have purchased seeds from them since 1987. What an eye opener. I contacted Territorial to find out if they purchase seed from Seminis. They told me that they no longer buy seeds from Seminis. The...
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    List of independent seed companies

    Territorial Seed Company PO Box 158 Cottage Grove, OR 97424 They have been in business for quit a while, started by Steve Solomon. I just recieved their spring catalog, usually the first to show up here in Oregon.
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    Are you hooked on canning too?

    DW and I canned alot of bread and butter pickles this weekend and finally used up the last of the metal ball and kerr lids we had stocked up over the past few years. For the last batch we used the reusable tattler lids and I gotta say I miss that "tink" when the lid is like the sound...
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    Garlic harvest...

    very nice harvest lesa!! i just started pulling our garlic...just love the smell od garlic hanging in the shed
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    shallot harvest

    Thanks for the reply Steve, you are the one with the shallot experience i believe. these are sante shallots from territorial seed, planted sets not seeds. wet weather still coming...i may pull them and dry in the shed. I started bonilla from seed this year, this is a first for me. they are...
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    shallot harvest

    Hello fellow gardeners, been a while since I last posted...good to see this forum has grown!!! hopefully someone can let me know when shallots are ready. these were planted last fall, over wintered, and now they have grown into 4-6 individual bulbs, still connected at the roots. they haven't...
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    Material for raised beds

    This material was used on a project once. It's made from recycled plastic and natural wood fibers. The plastic is used to bond the wood fibers together. The wood fibers are shorter than natural wood so it flexes easily, and will not take much loading. I would imagine that the force of the...
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    Starting root crops indoors?

    I started carrots once indoors and transplanted after they had a few leaves. I used several 12- 18 inch sections of plastic gutter with cut up plastic milk jugs taped over the ends to contain the potting soil. After they sprouted and grew a little I dug a small trench, took the ends of the...
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    Looking for Row Covers?

    Territorial Seed in Oregon sells a variety of row covers online. hope this link works for you.
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    Moths!! Homemade Moth Catcher?? Suggestions?

    Perhaps floating row covers would keep the moths from laying eggs on the plants. I have a similar problem with leaf miners eating up beet and swiss chard leaves. The row covers keep the flies off the leaves and has really stop the damage.
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    Organic Insect Control

    Bt is Bacillus thuringiensis a type of bacteria that attacks certain types of catapillars. This year I sprayed the brocolli and cabbage after seeing the white butterflies around the garden. I've picked off the tiny white eggs laid by the butterflies, but I'm sure I missed some. This year...
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    Canning sterilizing question

    Thanks for all the posts, good ideas. I re-read the Ball canning book and it said that hot water was the only way to heat the jars, not sterilize; my mis-interpritation. Pat makes a good point about covering the butt, and there is really no reason to sterilize since the processing is what...
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    My DW collects the leaves with some stem by the hand full, then wraps a rubber band around the stems, places the boquet in a plastic bag and freezes it. She uses it all winter long, just chops off the amount needed for soup, salad, or whatever. We usually collect the flowers for dilly beans...
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    Canning sterilizing question

    My DW and I have been canning for years, and we just got the latest edition of the Ball Canning book. The book says the only way to sterilize jars is to boil them. Last year we were doing several batches of tomatoes, pears, pickles, etc. and we used to oven to heat the jars over 212 degrees...
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    Should I rototill my garden this fall?

    I agree with Ridgerunner that there are many different views on this topic. Depending on where you are located, another alternative is to plant a winter cover crop that can be tilled in during the Spring. I'm fortunate to live in the Pac NW with a fairly mild winter. I just planted crimson...
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    Lots of blooms, but no tomatos

    be patient Blurose, since you planted...they will come. I have quit a few green tomatoes forming on Early Girl and Siletz plants, and the Oregon Star is starting to set little fruits. i chose plant varities from Territorial Seed, they seem to perform well in the PNW climate. did use Wall...