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  1. poppycat

    Hillside garden pics anyone?

    Hi all. I haven't posted here in ages, but I am working on a project for a start up erosion control company. I'm looking for any pretty hillside pictures that we might use in a power point presentation. We are trying to give clients an idea of how plants look when growing on a hillside...
  2. poppycat

    My apple tree is "sprouting"

    Are the leaves actually coming out or are the buds just swelling up? I wouldn't worry about it too much, fruiting is usually only stopped by flowering followed by a freeze. You may not get a bumper crop, but you'll probably still get some apples.
  3. poppycat

    artichoke question

    They get pretty large if your winter temps are mild enough that they aren't killed by freezing. Mine are about three feet in circumference, and about four feet tall. They would be happy with a generous mulching of compost about now, and if you are expecting freezing or near freezing temps, a...
  4. poppycat

    So whatcha doin' these days, in the garden?

    Raking leaves, blowing needles off of the driveway so they don't clog our drainage system and cause the garage to flood. Looking at weeds and thinking "you really should pull those someday soon." Composting Halloween pumpkins, and raking a few more leaves.
  5. poppycat

    Garlic Indoors

    Garlic also needs a cool spell to break dormancy. One more reason to grow it outside.
  6. poppycat

    Renaissance knot gardens

    I've always loved the look of knot gardens but have never had a site where one would work out. If you do plant one next spring be sure to post pics :)
  7. poppycat

    So what do all you green thumbed folks do....

    Watch TV just kidding ;) Fix stuff, yell at my kids, cook, sleep ya know all the normal stuff.
  8. poppycat

    anyone re-use their

    I'll re-use for freezer jam or storing dry ingredients- anything that isn't crucial to have an actual seal. Canning is kind of labor intensive and I like to stack the odds of success in my favor as much as possible, so I use new lids with every batch.
  9. poppycat

    The mystery sprout in my window (New Photos Added!!! 10/06/08)

    No, chickweed is pretty fuzzy. I'm just throwing out guesses. No real telling until it gets bigger :)
  10. poppycat

    The mystery sprout in my window (New Photos Added!!! 10/06/08)

    Uhhh, hate to ask, but could it be chickweed?
  11. poppycat

    Composting large amounts of noxious aggressive weeds

    White Elk I am dealing with the same pests as you. The blackberry canes compost ok without any unhappy returns, I just cut them up with shears. The Ivy on the other ugh. We have just dedicated a part of our back yard to an ever growing ivy heap. It's too much to fit in the yard debris bin...
  12. poppycat

    Tree--What Kind? *UPDATED W/PICS*

    If you are in Washington I'd say Black Cottonwood, Populus trichocarpa
  13. poppycat

    Tree--What Kind? *UPDATED W/PICS*

    A picture would be lovely. A close up of one of the leaves would be even better. :)
  14. poppycat

    Is this some kind of fruit tree? PICS

    I think it probably is Bradford pear. If you cut you other one to the ground it would grow new shoots and look just like what you've got. A few random blossoms out of season isn't that unusual either.
  15. poppycat

    Massive Hubbard's

    Pic's please :) You can use them for anything you would use pumpkin in. I usually roast squash in the oven, run it through the food mill and then freeze it in two cup portions. You could feed some to your chickens if you have tons and tons.
  16. poppycat

    A Confession to make

    :hugs Well it happens! We didn't have the best year either. That's the cool thing about gardening is there is always next year!
  17. poppycat

    Samll Business- Building Organic Veggie Gardens

    There is actually a business in my area that plants, and maintains veggie gardens in peoples yards and does all of the weekly maintenance on them for a monthly fee. From what I understand they are doing very well. I would guess the demographics of your area would dictate whether it was...
  18. poppycat

    The mystery sprout in my window (New Photos Added!!! 10/06/08)

    Hard to say at this point. Did you save the hibiscus seeds yourself or did you buy them somewhere? The reason I ask is if you saved them yourself you might be able to ID you hitchhiker by looking at what is growing near the hibiscus. It's way too soon to say what the little plant is but I...
  19. poppycat

    Some Pics

    Very nice! :clap
  20. poppycat

    Saving hot pepper seeds

    Thanks Katz!