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    Epizote takes the blow out of beans

    I have been looking for epizote seeds all over without any luck. Has anyone found a good seed company that has it?
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    Any good broccoli raab recipes?

    I've grown it and I don't know what to do with it.
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    Microwave Blaching

    Thanks wifezilla! I never want to boil a pot of water in the summer anyway.
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    I agree with Hoodat. Keep them trimmed and they will be much more manageable.
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    Questions about Swiss Chard....

    This is my second year growing chard. I found a recipe from Rick Bayless that sautees onions and garlic until they are carmelized then adds swiss chard. Then you put that mixture into warm corm tortillas and sprinkle it with cheese and add some chipotle salsa. It sounds awesome! I also found...
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    Seed Companys

    I know what you mean about seed companies being expensive. I spent $17 on seed potatoes last year with shipping. This year I went to the local hardware store and got the same kind of potatoes for $5. They are not organic though. We'll see how they do but for only $5 I feel like I am already...
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    Mark down Dalihias?

    Wow what a coincidence! I bought a mark down dahlia from Lowes 2 years ago. The container said they were only an annual but I mulched it over the winter with a pile of leaves and it came back the next spring like crazy. I had to divide it 3 times. This year we had a much colder winter and I...
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    The Any Wonderful Food You Made From Your Garden Today Thread!

    Asparagus for me too! This is my first year growing it and it was delicious! I sauteed mine with mushrooms.
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    My peppers need to get the lead out...

    We had a hot spell this week and just forgot about them and left them outside. They loved it. Every time I neglect my peppers they seem to do better. That's why I love them!
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    Whats your favorite veggie

    I look forward to the peppers but also swiss chard. I always have dinner when they are in the garden.
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    tomato plants from seeds

    I use a regular heating pad on my seeds set to low. The only problem is it shuts of after an hour for safety reasons. So you periodically have to come back and turn it on again. But I have always had good germination rates and I am not that good at remembering to turn the pad back on...
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    free seed packet...

    They sent them for free. I usually don't start tomatoes from seeds since they are not my favorite thing to eat, but free is free. They spent their first full day in the sun today and did fine. This is the first year I have ordered from Bakers Creek and so far I am really impressed with their...
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    free seed packet...

    I got the same Pink Ponderosa in my Bakers Creek seeds. They sprouted great and are thriving. We'll see how the tomatos taste.
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    Sounds like it might not be worth it if it is so invasive... I still regret planting morning glories. What was I thinking!
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    Has anyone ever used Tansy in their garden to keep away squash bug? I saw it advertised in a seed catalogue and and wondered if it worked.
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    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    I planted my snow peas, spinach, and green onions. I also saw some asparagus shooting up! Very exciting! Today I am hoping to get in some broccoli sprouts and lettuces. Depends on what time I can get home from work!
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    Aesthetic Edible landscaping...suggestions and/or photos??

    If you get lots of sun I would suggest peppers. I love hot peppers so I am growing something called Chinese 5 color which should have cream, yellow, red, purple, and green peppers on it. If you don't like hot the alma paprika pepper is pretty mild and bears hundreds of small round peppers...
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    Edible landscaping

    I think Rainbow Swiss Chard is pretty enough to be in a garden. The colors are outstanding and it is really hardy. Mine lasted through the whole summer and even into the late fall, but we had a very mild summer this year so if it gets hot it may wilt on you.
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    Kentucky Gardeners

    Hi! I have been off for most of the winter but I just saw your posts. I am originally from Ft. Thomas KY and moved to North Carolina a few years ago. I miss the black Kentucky dirt but I love the longer growing season down here!