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    Welcome tentree :frow I like your Texas picture! Real cute :happy_flower
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    Key Lime Tree

    Yeah, we know where Port O'Connor is - ya'll had a hurricane run DH out of fishing there a few years ago. I was on mission trip in Harlingen and he was on fishing trip - ha! he had to come home :gig The old timers here swear by 'cotton seed meal' but I haven't tried it yet. Do plan to...
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    Self-sufficiency . . . have you thought about it?

    Yes, Steve - we love our container :love comes in handy for many purposes. Randy secured metal shelving along the back wall and one side wall. It's also perfect for storing long rolls of indoor/outdoor carpet (10' pieces) and the kids' old furniture pieces (which they need to pick up). We...
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    Key Lime Tree

    Learn from my lesson: let it live the first year in the bucket it lives in now. I think it needs to adjust to your growing environment and watering habits. Our mistake - transplanting. All of the fruit fell off within the first month and hasn't had blooms mature to fruit since. :barnie...
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    Self-sufficiency . . . have you thought about it?

    In answer to the question in the title - Yes, we have thought of it and we know we are a long way from it. I will say that we had a very good chance to test our self-sufficiency skills beginning on September 24, 2005 - the day Hurricane Rita came ashore less than 20 miles from our home. The...
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    BYC link

    Great idea - although I must confess - Easy Garden and BYC are at the top of my Favorite Places index Brenda
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    Ideas for student run school Greenhouse?

    For flowers, how about sunflowers and marigolds - you could harvest the seeds for the next crop of students. For veggies, cherry tomatoes -fast growers so they can munch on the 'fruits' of their labor.
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    Preserving your garden's bounty

    wow - I'm going to try your oven canning process this year - lots less work! Thanks for sharing that one!!! :coolsun Brenda
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    Prayer Request

    Of course we will keep you in our prayers - may God bless your family. Brenda and Randy
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    Found a Great site if you're looking for trees.

    That's where I got my dogwood, redbud and crepe myrtle trees 3 years ago! I love those 'freebies' :D
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    Preserving your garden's bounty

    Most of my preserving is done by canning. tomatoes, whole tomatoes, stewed okra and tomatoes banana peppers (like hot pepper sauce) green tomato relish (yummy) Frozen - bell pepper slices banana pepper slices (had lots and lots of banana peppers this year) And we made...
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    Some of my favorites: Wheelbarrow Sharp Shovel Buckets with handles Weed puller - see the picture in this link
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    Read any interesting gardening books lately?

    Pat - sorry to hijack your post! I don't have a recommendation because I only use the one book - (and my journals from previous years) ..sorry :idunno maybe you could see if they make this book for your area? Authors Dale Groom and Dan Gill from Cool Springs Press Southern: We bought our 5...
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    What have you got still blooming?

    Still blooming: Yellow jasmine, red roses and Joseph's Coat roses
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    How to get rid of an unwanted bush

    We get rid of pesky bushes and small tree volunteers by: * cut the roots back and dig out around the root area about 4-5 inches * prepare 3-4 cups of boiling water with 1/2 cup of salt and 1 tablespoon of red pepper * pour directly onto freshly cut root area Works every time for us -...
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    Read any interesting gardening books lately?

    HA! I use my Month-By-Month Gardening in Texas (by Groom & Gill) faithfully! I love that book :love Brenda
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    Oregon, Willamette Valley, Cascade Foothills

    No, unfortunately chickens don't eat fireants - the only way we can control them is through the use of Amdro or Spectracide - then they mostly just move around because it never really kills all of them. The Chinese tallow is a fast-growing weedy tree that is on the Texas Toxic plant list - they...
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    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    Had the chicken tractors working some soil in one edge of the garden and getting ready to put my onion plants in the ground tomorrow - yippee!! :tools
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    Spring Flower bulbs - UPDATED WITH A PICTURE

    No - just put the bulbs in a brown paper bag - no soil - and they are dormant while they cool off. Then re-plant in February for spring flowers. We've had to do that several times with my mom's prized Easter Lillies during some really warm winters. Brenda
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    Oregon, Willamette Valley, Cascade Foothills

    Hey Linda - saw your beautiful pictures! Reminded me of my one and only trip there - thanks for sharing! :happy_flower