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    Blossom-end Rot in Tomatoes?

    Try this:
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    Freakin' deer are eating my mcintosh apples!

    Keep in mind that deer will easily jump a 6' fence. 8' is your best bet. The only time 6' is o.k. is if it is a solid fence. They generally won't jump over where they can't see the landing area. One of my compost bins 6' square is surrounded by 6' high chicken wire. I routinely find hoof...
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    It Rained! / Rain Barrel Questions

    Not sure where you are located but in my area on Long Island just about everything is covered in pollen. We had a light rain shower this morning and when I went outside to leave for work you can see the yellow/green water trails running the driveway. After the pollen dies down in a couple of...
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    Anyone know where to get a Broadfork? The 24-36" wide kind?

    Search YouTube for "Broadfork." (I can't - I'm at work and its blocked!) I recall seeing a few videos on there demonstrating how its used. .
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    Alright - tools - what works and what doesn't

    Check out: I built a whizbang cart for a coworker - they absolutely love it. Now, if I could only find time to build one for myself!