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  1. injunjoe

    grapes needing help

    I would just cut it down and buy a new one. JMHO Joe
  2. injunjoe

    A Favorite Tea?

    I love tea, but it just to much work to grow not worth it! It is cheaper to just buy it! Joe
  3. injunjoe

    Help me Recover this Redbud Tree (Photos Attached)

    Sorry if I have offended you Pat. But this fella wants pruning suggestions. This tree cost about $70.00 at a US nursery give or take. To tell the new gardener to turn his tree into mulch just don't seem like a good pruning tip! I did not suggest how to prune it because I live in the...
  4. injunjoe

    Coolest Garden Shoes EVER

    Now that is a valid point! No bun intended, err I mean pun. Joe
  5. injunjoe

    Coolest Garden Shoes EVER

    I think if you want them then you should get them! You work hard all year long, giving to others, helping others help others, I could go on and on. I think you earned what ever your little heart desires! Joe
  6. injunjoe

    a very friendly butterfly

    I don't know what she is but I would say Moth not a Butterfly. Joe
  7. injunjoe

    Pruning Help - Cherry Tree (Photos Attached)

    Brian again to TEG. I like what Journey said and seems like good advice. I would like to ask though; Did John Madden help you with this play? :lau :gig :weee Sorry I can't help myself sometimes.
  8. injunjoe

    Coolest Garden Shoes EVER

    Joe Shannon;
  9. injunjoe

    Help me Recover this Redbud Tree (Photos Attached)

    Brian; Welcome to the forum! I would follow Ron's (Greensage) advice. Edited to remove flaming, please refer to the rules I say this! "We are Gardeners! We plant and try what is not in the books in hope to see things others say can't be done!" Injunjoe
  10. injunjoe

    Turning a basement into a greenhouse

    You don't have to spend big bucks on fancy grow setups! A cheap shop light with full spectrum bulbs will do wonders. If you get a few you can stand them on end and form a semi circle to grow taller plants. The possibilities are only limited to creativeness. I think the only reason Ninny's idea...
  11. injunjoe

    Who's gifting plants this Holiday?

    I am! I seem to all year long though. People don't leave my place empty handed to often. May it be eggs or plants. Joe :bouquet
  12. injunjoe

    Not to get anybody all ALARMED or anything, BUT...

    I noticed this post went without reply. For your first time you did great! :thumbsup All of my plants were happy upon arrival. Joe
  13. injunjoe

    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    Today I will have planted (when the sun comes up); Foxglove- lavender seed African Iris seed Cobaea Monasery bells ( Cup And Saucer Vine) seed Cosmos- Daydream seed Dahlia- Unwin's dwarf Mix seed Cabbage- Earliana seed Petunia ( Old fasioned) seed Joe
  14. injunjoe

    Hard Freeze Coming

    Don't know, but those 3 words scare me! :ep I wish you luck. I would be up all night here maintaining small fire pits all around my place. Joe
  15. injunjoe

    Weepy Elephant Ear

    I would just enjoy the effect! Just be sure to water these guys a little more then other plants. They like water! And it would appear they like to share it with you! Joe
  16. injunjoe

    Propagation In Full Swing!

    Well thank you all for the positive comments! Lesa I will be sure to keep some sunshine and plant pictures coming through out Winter for you! Obsessed that is a good idea. A good way to make friends to! Ron of course the tour comes with music! It is getting a little tricky pulling a hose...
  17. injunjoe

    Rooting epiphyllum cuttings (updated)

    Journey they are looking great! I would forgo the tent at this point. To change the title just edit your first post on the thread. then you can edit the title also! Joe
  18. injunjoe


    Feeding time. Today we are serving rib eye meat, Pineapple, and some Romaine lettuce. Funny when people come to visit the Flintstones hide in there cave. Joe
  19. injunjoe

    Dog food question

    Feeding time. Once or twice a week the girls get a nice bone to eat. The chopped up parts are for the Flintstones ( the turtles). Here is Rose on the left and Poppy on the right. Both from the ASPCA. Rose is about a year and a half, Poppy is 5 and shares my birthday! Poppy makes her...